Apple Advertising Strategy

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The budget for advertising: The total approx. cost for advertisement will be around $40 Million

1. Building a stronger MacBook awareness globally thus making the product the best computer globally
2.To create an insatiable interest among the public thus stimulating increased demand for the products resulting to higher sales.
3.Providing the public with the in-depth information about the Apple products thus increasing the client pool

PR Plan Description Timing Cost
Press Relations It involves inducing and marketing stories to the press to increase your relevance. It involves contacting the press and giving hebdomadal press statements. The timing should be after the initial production or after having a massive
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Business meetings, conventions, and trade show It refers to the companies meetings with the significant shareholders and other investors. When there is need of incorporating a new decision or trading technique. Ordinarily results to a bigger sales thus more profits to the company.

Budget for sales promotion: The estimated cost for the sales promotion is $ 800,000 Promotion Mix Strategy

Promotion Goals: It refers to the primary reason for undertaking a promotion campaign. It should aim at educating the public of their products, persuading them to buy their products and reminding their customers of their products.

Promotion Mix Choice: It involves the use of the various promotion techniques such as advertising, public relations, and the sales promotion. They all contribute to increasing the target market and promoting the realization of the company`s goals and objectives.

Promotion Mix Cost: It refers to the total expenses incurred during the advertising, enhancing the publicity and promoting the sales of a

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