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It has been difficult for Aldi to keep up with the competition against the other large supermarket chains such a COOP and Dansk supermarked, hence they all the other varieties of the different supermarkets, grocery and convenience stores. Aldi has been falling behind and are stuck being known and remembered for containing cheap low quality brands and having less up to date storefronts. These characteristics come down to Aldi’s image and communication with their consumers.

Marketing Mix: Makes up the tactical marketing tools for the company to use in terms of fulfilling and successfully interpreting their strategy. The different components are to be applied altered to achieve the given results desired for the company and its customer base.
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Low prices will attract consumers from shopping at other supermarkets, hence a lower price will make it even more convincing to shop at ALDI. The low pricing strategy will attract more consumers that used to shop at other supermarkets, thereafter ALDI can compete with their moderate pricing on other products that as a minimum can price match the others. ALDI use other product brand and distributors, mostly from Germany or eastern Europe, these cost effective and high quality products can help ALDI gain a sufficiently competitive advantage.

Place: Aldi are currently located in various locations and have been forced to downsize in the amount of physical stores in Denmark. Hence ALDI should focus on maintaining prime locations that ensure a high turnover. Such as convenient locations in the city, mixing convenience and cheap prices, as well as having large stores outside the city in urban neighborhoods to convey and communicate their message to a larger segment in Denmark. From the inner city to the outskirts, without having too many stores to affect ALDI’s profits.

Product: ALDI import various product from around Europe and even the world, if they continue to find high quality product of different places and maintain well managed supply chain, ALDI can effectively compete with other supermarkets and excel with their strategy of
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Layout/atmosphere: communicating a brand image and promoting certain high quality products at low prices, the layout of the supermarket and atmosphere need to suggest that. Hence having an old storefront that looks outdated and worn out may not suggest that inside there are good quality assortments of various kinds of products. ALDI need to up their layout of their supermarkets to show what they are actually selling and give an indication of that from the outside.

Service: the general service is very limited when it comes to cost effective supermarket chains, hence investing in a better quality service will increase the overall costs of the supermarket, hence prices will go up. Therefore the consumer cannot expect high level of service at a cost saving supermarket. Therefore ALDI need to find a balance between having an above average service experience while still maintaining low cost high quality

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