Nordstrom Competitive Analysis

Nordstrom, an upscale fashion retailer, positioned itself strongly to “take care of customers no matter what it takes.” This strategy of providing superior customer service has made Nordstrom a successful retailer that distinguishes it from other retailers, such as Target and Sears. Not only is Nordstrom highly differentiated, it stands out in ways that are relevant to the needs of target consumers, who are willing to pay a higher price for exceptional customer service and shopping experience. By having a successful retail positioning strategy, Nordstrom succeeded in attracting customers and creating a distinctive competitive advantage.
Unlike target that is known for “Expect more. Pay less,” Nordstrom is known for its outstanding customer service. Because Nordstrom prices its products at a much higher price than other retail store like Target, Nordstrom offers superior customer service to position itself. As a matter of fact, Nordstrom employee handbook outlines “Rule #1: Use best judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.” No matter what it takes, employees working at Nordstrom would
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Unlike target, Nordstrom targets customers willing to pay a high price for products by providing high-quality customer services that expect one’s expectations. Also, unlike Sears, Nordstrom has a clear positioning strategy and acts in a consistent manner with such strategy, providing clear value to customers. This strategy is carried out with an understanding of the service profit chain, which links Nordstrom with employee and customer satisfaction. Hence, Nordstrom is able to competitively differentiate its service and thus has a clear position in the minds of consumers, attracting an increasing number of customers and enabling stable profits and growth for the

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