Pros And Cons Of Food Lion Training

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Financials of Food Lion Training
Magdiel Barrera-Estrada
Central Piedmont Community College

Food Lion is a very well-known chain grocery store that has been around since 1957, its reputation is currently not as upright as it was when it first opened and it possibly will never go back to being as successful as it was in the past. There are several reasons as to why Food Lion is not as popular as it once was, but one of the main reasons is the employees. The workers hired to attend to the customers are not trained in an efficient manner. The training provided is very basic compared to other grocery stores’ like Publix and Whole Foods that take their time to make sure the employees are not only great people but that know the products
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They consider Publix a prime example of what they want to look like, Publix has a more modern look while Food Lion is just plain traditional. As discussed in the scholarly journal Creating Competitive dis(advantage): Learning from Food Lion’s Freefall, Since the beginning of time Food Lion has tried to strategize and for some reason it has always backfired. Food Lion has tried to cut their prices really low and ended up losing profit. They have always invested in everything but improving their customer service (Dess, 1999). Every strategy used to improve the financial status of the grocery chain store has not worked because the employee training is not considered an important enough factor to invest in. One of the most interesting techniques Food Lion has tried is price matching with other grocery chain stores. Just as the book Managerial and Decision Economics explains, Price matching is when a retail stores is in competition with other retail stores and tries to have the lowest possible price without losing any money. Food Lion has been a price matching retail store in almost all the time it has been open. In the end, the customers go to the retail store they like most since almost all retail stores are now participating in the competition that is price matching (Hess, 1991). Price matching works on big retail stores like Walmart that has done an explicit job at keeping their reputation clean but no matter how low the prices get at store with Food Lion’s reputation the customers will always go the store they know to be the best in everything. If only Food Lion would choose to invest more in the training of their employees the profit would be greater because the customers like to shop where the employees know the products and are there to

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