Publix Strategic Factors

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Publix strategic factors and is the organization operating in an ethical manner
When Publix entered the market they wanted to set themselves apart from the rest. This included creating a brand that would not only hold up in their company but also in regards to all supermarket store chains. Publix has done well making a name for themselves and developing a brand that everyone knows among the competition. So what makes Publix’s brand so unique?
Publix has a commitment to quality food. They want their brand to be known for healthy products. Publix puts specific effort into being at the top of the game in this particular area. According to Publix’s website they describe their guarantee to customers as, “We will never knowingly disappoint you.
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This factor is something that most customers know them for even more than the rest of their brand, their reputation. Publix is known for their customer service. Their guest experience surpasses most, if not all of their competition. According to, Publix from 2014-2016 has been among America’s top supermarkets. Over the last year they have received numerous awards in regards to their customer service and satisfaction. Some of the more recent awards include; #1 Temkin Customer Experience (2016), #2 Customer Service (2016), #3 Customer Loyalty (2016), #1 Americas Best Supermarket (2016), and J.D. Power and Associates “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Supermarket Pharmacies, Five years in a Row” from …show more content…
Because of this they have brought their own threats into the industry. Now many other supermarkets and food providers have decided to approach the competition in a similar manner as that of Publix. Over the years, Walmart has started to add more healthy food options to their product list and expand their organic food selection. Walmart also started lowering prices on many of their higher quality products. Although there are a few areas that Walmart seems to be surpassing Publix in, but they have yet to top them in the customer service area. This however, is the area that Winn-Dixie is focusing more on over the past couple of years. Many Winn-Dixie’s have started to take away self-service counters and opt for scheduling more cashiers to improve the customer experience. Winn-Dixie has not quite lowered their prices enough to match Walmart and they are still no where near Publix’s selection on healthy food options. So even though Publix remains at the top of the supermarket industry now, they are starting to see their competition learn form their example.
Publix could help decrease the possibility of threat by focusing on a few areas that would help to keep them number one in the competition. Lowering the cost of products to lessen the margin gap between their products and those sold by competitors will help to increase Publix’s customer base. As of right now Publix is known to customers

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