Whole Foods Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Most chains stick to one layout for all of their stores so that they can all be uniform and operate the same way. The way Whole foods does creates their stores makes more sense in adapting to their surroundings and letting each store be their own to a certain extent. Whenever I have walked into a Whole Foods I do not get the feeling that it looks like the last one I have been in, it makes me want to explore the store and see what is new and different from the last one. This is a great model for them to build upon and something that I believe more stores need to …show more content…
Every value that is listed is pressed on is part of the overall strategy of Whole Foods. Starting with the first and number one value; selling the highest quality natural and organic products available. This is what Whole Foods has been built on, they would not be where they are today as a market leader if they did not hold this as a core value. The second value of satisfying and delighting their customers also seems like a value that they try to keep throughout all of their stores. If two grocery stores have the exact same items for the same prices 99 percent of consumers would go to the one with better customer service. Customer service is a huge part of any business, people do not want to go to a store with poor customer service where they feel like there is no one to help them find something or that they feel they are being ignored. The next value of team member happiness makes a huge impact to Whole Foods. Working for a corporation that makes you want to go to work and enjoy being there is hard to find and if you can make your employees feel appreciated and that they are needed to make the store function properly it changes the atmosphere of the store for the better. Customers want to walk into a store and be greeted by lots of smiling and happy people to make them feel welcome in the big 40,000 square foot building. Having the employees want to work hard to make the company better and to move up and make a career is something that is not seen in most grocery stores as working retail is not always desirable. By making your employees happy, you can also make your customers happy. Creating wealth through profits and growth, caring about their communities and creating ongoing win-win partnerships with suppliers seem to fall into the same category to me. Without having the great partnerships with

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