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  • Uab's Farmers Market: A Case Study

    Farmers markets are scarce around campuses in the fall season. Most students would have to drive off campus to find fresh produce. This can create issues with the students schedule and discourage them to buy locally if a fast food restaurant is more convenient for them. By creating a campus wide farmers market we can assure students will always have the opportunity to buy fresh produce at their convenience. UAB’s undergraduate student government association (USGA) held a small farmers market in September, but they have yet to hold another. USGA’s market consisted of tea and vegetable vendors including our dining hall, The Commons. At this market students were able to learn how to make some basic meals using the produce from the market. With…

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  • Overland Park Farmers Market Analysis

    Bells on the small shop doors ring all down the street as people walk in and out of the different family owned businesses. They all slowly wander towards the at the beginning of the brick structure at the corner of Marty Street and Santa Fe Drive. The voices of lots of people all mix together in a loud, low hum. The Overland Park Farmers’ Market is flooded. Every once in a while you hear the shrieking of a toddler running through the cold fountain spurting up from the concrete patio break…

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  • Documentary Analysis: Food Inc.

    From people not wanting to state their personal opinions on this topic, to these businesses being the creation of pollution, ending with people completely changing where they shop and buy their groceries. The fact of the matter is, this is a clear problem in America when these documentaries are creating social change in our society. If more people do not follow the movement of shopping at farmer’s markets and eating fast food a lot less the health problem with continue to increase very…

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  • Farmers Markets In Food Deserts By Lian Bos Analysis

    lives can be hard to live without, cornering them into stereotypes. Boos then talks about programs that are there to assist those in need of help with programs like WIC but also talks about the lack of studies showing its actual effectiveness. Then bringing in the pro’s and con’s of farmers markets in Richmond, California, Boos then talks about the demographic of the Richmond farmers-market-shoppers and how some booths even accept EBT. He then surveys every fourth customer that walks into the…

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  • Essay On Benefits Of Eating Local Food

    Before discussing the environmental benefits of eating local food, it is very important to know about local food. Local food is basically a locally or regionally produced food product that travels less than 400 miles from its origin or within the state where it is produced. Local food is grown close to the consumer’s houses in small farmlands and is transported to the consumers through short distances. Local food is being sold near the points of its production like at farmers market or roadside…

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  • Unit 7 Video Reflection

    Sammie Derner Administration Unit 7 Video Reflection 1. Have you, or anyone you know, ever set up a toddler classroom? The center director in the video mentions that she designs toddler classroom in ways that will support the four domains of learning. What are these domains, and how do her examples (e.g., the Farmer 's Market area) shed light on each one? A. Block Area – In the block area of the classroom the children are able to communicate with their peers in order to work together or…

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  • Organic Milk Vs Organic Food

    Even though this can seem a logical solution to the problem, things are not that easy. It is hard to identify if the products in farmers market came from a farm and the seller-farmer grew them, or they came from a wholesale store and represented as farm products. The next issue with the farmers market is the use of pesticides. In the article Eat Food: Food Defined Michael Pollan advises to ask the farmer at the market how they deal with pests and fertility. Again, there is no guarantee that the…

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  • Permaculture Assignment

    responsibility for their impact on the consumption of those things, which have high environmental costs and attempting to reverse that impact ( Rationale I have chosen to research permaculture because the quality of the food I put into my body, and my children’s bodies, is extremely important to me, not only from a health perspective and my belief that organic farming is better for our environment, but because my eldest child has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome…

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  • Creating Fairtrade In The Cocoa Industry

    Specifically, most cocoa growers from the Ivory Coast and Ghana are farmers on very low income who would grow just enough to provide for themselves and their families. Ordinarily, cocoa is grown alongside their food crops, which doesn’t exactly encourage neither a strong workers’ society, competition between local farmers to produce more, or the potential expansion of commerce. However, it is imperative for Fairtrade in the cocoa industry because of how much it benefits all parties involved.…

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  • Social Change: The Locavore Movement

    [local] farmer is free to try small crops of various fruits and vegetables that would probably never make it to a large supermarket” (Source A). These varieties can range from different apples to different potatoes. These large businesses and supermarkets can only have their central focus on selling an abundant amount of food. Plenty of people would not be interested in consuming the same categories of food daily. Thus, the variety from local foods would be engaging for the individual. There is…

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