Organic farming

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  • Organic Farming: The Problem Of Organic Food

    Organic food gets more popular every year. Many people decide to buy organic food instead of conventional food every day. But organic food is not only better for the human body, the organic food industry will also help overcome many problems. In the majority of our history, agriculture could be described as organic. But in the 20th century, scientist discovered a wide range of new chemicals which were useful for growing food. The organic farming movement started in the 1940s in response to the use of chemicals. This movement is also called the Green Revolution. The word organic comes from the Old French ‚organique‘. In biology it means „pertaining to or derivers from living organisms“. And for food or food products it means „enviroment…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Organic Farming

    Idaho produce potatoes. Farming and agriculture brought man out of the age of hunting and gathering, and allowed civilizations to flourish because they no longer had to move around constantly and gather berries and fruits. After many thousands of years, the Industrial Revolution moved humanity into an age of mass production in food, tools, goods, and more. Though conventional farming and agriculture no longer can compete with industrial agriculture…

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  • Organic Vs Conventional Farming

    Farming refers to the activity of someone growing plants or crops from the ground. However, did you know there are different methods of farming? Today, two types of farming practices are used in agriculture, and they are organic and conventional farming. These two farming methods have been under constant debate, says New York Times journalist, Kenneth Chang (2012). For those that support organic farming, they believe that the using of natural fertilizers and no pesticides and genetically…

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  • Organic Farming Observation Paper

    Farming, specifically growing fruits and vegetables and selling them, is an interesting concept critical to the production of food and it 's consumption. Agriculture is often an occupation that is both misunderstood and underrated. As it being the core of food production and consumption of food, it 's imperative that farming and agriculture be a highly explained topic. Thus, to gather more information and provide a deeper look into the business of agriculture and farming, I spoke with local…

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  • Organic Farming Research Paper

    so much that I spent another 6 hours helping out in an organic soybean field and being able to learn a few things that go into organic farming. Going back even further, I signed up for this class thinking I could learn more about stars and the sea, not the environmental factors to the planet itself that would lead me to an actual real life job to learn about how a soybean field can be a habitat and food to animals and double as food and jobs for humans too. Being said…

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  • Environmental Benefits Of Organic Farming

    in relation to organic farming, it is not favorable to industrial agricultural production due to its costly cultural and economic…

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  • Disadvantages Of Organic Farming

    For plants to be categorized as organic, they cannot have been grown with the use of man-made, chemical pesticides, synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or bioengineering. In order for animal products to be considered organic, the animal could not have been administered growth hormones or antibiotics. The conventional method of farming uses an array of different chemically made, synthetic pesticides including herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides as well as a variety of fertilizers…

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  • Organic Gardening Vs Organic Farming

    Organic or Conventional Gardening: Which Would You Rather Use? Everyday people are growing more and more concerned of where their food comes from. The push for more organic produce in local grocery stores poses the question if there are marked differences between organic and conventional gardening. With the recent increases in organic farming, people are flocking towards buying organic opposed to buying conventionally grown food. Many wonder if buying organic is really better for the consumer…

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  • Compare And Contrast Organic Farming Vs Conventional Farming

    When an item says “organic” compared to “conventional,” thoughts of old-fashioned farming practices come to mind. In certain aspects that is what organic farming is. The labeling, pesticide use, fertilizer use, and certifications are different between the two farming industries. Because of this, organic and conventional farming are very different industries, and when it comes to feeding an overpopulated planet, conventional farming appears to be the only choice. However, modern day farming…

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  • On The Back: Conventional Or Organic Farming?

    Conventional and Organic Farming On the back. What is your final decision? Did you change your mind after our discussion? Questions for Prompting Student discussion: Organic farmers don’t use antibiotics why do conventional farmers use them. Does the use have effects on consumers? Are there any long term effects of synthetic fertilizers on the soil? Why do we have to use fertilizers for the growth of food? Can we grow enough food organically for the human population? Does organic food…

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