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  • Myth Of The Vaginal Orgasm Analysis

    The paper states that there is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm, or any sort of orgasm, except for that of a clitoral one. Koedt explains that even if the orgasm is made through stimulation of another sort, such as vaginally, or even mentally, the actual orgasm is rooted in the clitoris. So the question that comes to mind is why do we as a society continue to focus on vaginal penetration if that is not the way to help the female partners achieve orgasm? Though she provides many other explanations that will be discussed, Koedt simply states that the answer to this question is “We are living in a male society which has not sought change in women’s role” (Koedt, 113). To expand, it is discussed how many women will not admit that they cannot orgasm through vaginal penetration alone for a plethora of reasons, including not wanting to damage their male partner’s ego, faking orgasms to end sex, as well as using their vaginal orgasm to entice men. From this description, it can be easy to assume that men are simply clueless to the need for clitoral stimulation, however this is not the case. The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm touches on the point that men recognize the importance of clitoral stimulation to provide arousal and lubrication during foreplay, and then it is ignored during actual intercourse, “leaving [the female partner] both…

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  • Orgasm Inc: Case Study

    n the documentary Orgasm Inc, the focal issue was the role of pharmaceutical companies’ overextension of involvement in the medical information around the issue their product was marketed to resolve. The original issue, prompting the documentary in the first place, was that a disorder was created out of nowhere and the results of the misleading studies created a national demand for an unnecessary – and worse, ineffective – drug. In effect, the pharmaceutical company noted the results of a survey…

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  • Summary Of Bwell Health Promotion: Orgasm

    “Bwell Health Promotion : Orgasm” they discuss that an orgasm can be located within the vagina , anus , and pelvic floor. In addition to that they explained that an orgasm is basically a pleasurable reflex in which the muscles contract during sexual activity. This can be sex , masturbatation with the use of vibrators or sexual toys. In the article there were a few tips that may help to achieve an orgasm : focusing , experiment with different positions , relax and important communication when it…

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  • Why Do Women Have A Loose Vagina Essay

    younger girls. This can be very humiliating especially to the woman who knows that her vagina is loose. This can make women with a loose vagina suffer from low self-esteem. 2. Low libido problems. Men will consequently suffer from low libido problems when they know that their women have a loose vagina brings down the level of sexual satisfaction leading to problems in a relationship. Healthy sexual life is very fundamental for a happy and long-lasting relationship. Signs that you have a loose…

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  • Glowing Triangle Position Research Paper

    a sexual position that ensures highest orgasm definitely aids the sperm cells in their travel towards the egg cell. The contraption in the reproductive trap brought about by orgasm ensures a smooth sailing travel towards conception. Here are some sexual positions that may just do that and more. The Missionary position This is the most common sexual position and is in fact the most effective means to conceive. In this position, the woman lies on her back while the man is on top doing the deed.…

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  • Summary Of She Comes First By Ian Kerner

    I read the book titled “She Comes First” which was published in 2004 by Ian Kerner, who is a sex therapist. In his book, Kerner discusses about how to pleasure a woman, mainly through oral sex. He gives the readers helpful tips and advice on how to fulfill a woman’s sexual needs and also talks about how the clitoris is so important to the success of the female orgasm. This informational book is split up into three parts with each part on a different focus. The book is very educational and will…

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  • Erectile Dysfunction

    relationship it too will add to the stress level of the marriage (Penner & Penner,2003). Consequently, lack of self-worth is another type of unconscious avoidance. This negative self-worth stems from or physical appearance, parental responsibility, or our competency as a provider, and because of this it may lead to avoidance. It is imperative to note, “Since guilt, anger, and the lack of self-worth are unconscious way of avoiding sex, we naturally will not be aware of them” (Penner & Penner,…

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  • The Body Sensual: Five Senses

    maintaining a happy, healthy relationship requires a commitment on both your parts, continuing an exciting, passionate, and sensual relationship will require the same dedication”(Engel 34). The dominant sense of sexual arousal is touch. An individual can successfully examine this sense by experimenting with their partner. Experimenting the sense of touch with a partner can help find spots that simulate pleasure on the body. Most individuals are unaware of what parts of their body have the…

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  • Is Pre-Game Sex Good Or Bad

    which includes understanding the orgasm, as well as how men and women both respond to sexual arousal. This can help people understand the relationship between athletic performance and sexual intercourse. Through biological research, here is what happens to a person’s body before, during, and after sex. The male and female experience a sexual response described through four sequential phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution (Vouyoukas). The excitement phase is where both sexual…

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  • Social And Political Economy Approach

    sociopolitical instruments” (Shildrick, 2007, p.54) might regulate individual’s behavior. As a public concern, sexuality is “at the heart of govern-mentity” (Shildrick, 2007, p.55). States establish mechanism in sexuality into sociocultural order. States make polities construct sex acts (Anthias, 2013; Gottlieb, 1984). States also confine disabled individuals’ sexual behavior politically and socially. Not surprising, the mainstream thought toward sexuality in disabled persons is “silence and…

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