Orgasm Inc: Case Study

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n the documentary Orgasm Inc, the focal issue was the role of pharmaceutical companies’ overextension of involvement in the medical information around the issue their product was marketed to resolve. The original issue, prompting the documentary in the first place, was that a disorder was created out of nowhere and the results of the misleading studies created a national demand for an unnecessary – and worse, ineffective – drug. In effect, the pharmaceutical company noted the results of a survey measuring women’s sexual satisfaction in their lives. The study interpreted an extremely wide range of normal sexual behaviors (such as
“have you ever been unsatisfied during sex” and “have you ever been unable to reach orgasm during sex”) as being less than
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Their goal is not the health of women, but to make money by marketing their drug.

There are several reasons that led Liz Canner to (correctly) believe that the pharmaceutical company was fabricating the extent, if not the entire existence, of the Female
Sexual Dysfunction disorder. While interviewing members of various parts of the company, she found many members at a loss to explain how exactly Female Sexual Dysfunction differed from normal sexual experiences, in which dissatisfaction stems from many aspects such as the communication between the couple, personal preferences, and how comfortable the woman was with the situation. The fact that the company was overinvolved with the definition of the disorder in order to create revenue for their solution to the “problem” became apparent to Caner when she noticed that the benefits of the drug were unclear in comparison to the placebo and the side effects could be quite negative – yet the company still marketed as a success and a perfect solution, calling it female Viagra and promising to bring its female consumers to orgasm in every sexual encounter with its aid. When she emailed the company to inquire why they still

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