Erectile dysfunction

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  • Erectile Dysfunction

    Not to mention, many research says that sexuality dimension with age, and several say that this behavior persist throughout the life span (Wallace, 2014). However, some of the issues for men are erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is defined as, the persistent inability to achieve or maintain penile erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance (McMahon, 2014). Erectile dysfunction is normally caused by other health issues. Some of the other health issues are: diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, and neurological disease. In addition, premature ejaculation cause erectile problems. The female sometimes effects erectile problems. A condition called vaginismus, which makes it hard for man to enter the vagina and cause him to lose his erection (Penner & Penner, 2003). Also, the man could have emotional problems that impacts them too. Emotional problems such as, depression and anxiety. Seeking counseling is needed for treatment of emotional. To add, medical attention is essential for physical factors. These problems could affect the male and the female tremendously. The lack of knowledge in some men about sex, could affect the male confidence level, and sexual abilities. The good news about erectile dysfunction is, it could be reversible (Penner & Penner,…

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  • Erectile Dysfunction Essay

    Erectile dysfunction is mainly considered as a sexual disorder, which is characterized by the inability to sustain an erection during sexual performance and erectile dysfunction medications are the proven means to treat this disease in the best possible manner. There are many people who take certain type of drugs to treat ED, without proper medical advice from a doctor, however this should not be done as some of these drugs may cause side effects and may not be suitable if you have any serious…

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  • Essay On Erectile Dysfunction

    If someone uses viagra or any other drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) then he must be getting alarmed by the price that he will pay for sexual satisfaction. I will not advice them that they should stop using viagra as a treatment but I would definitely suggest them to go for a cheaper choice that supplies the same result in the end. But let us first analyze what is the problem that makes a man use such medicines. It is erectile dysfunction. There are many things responsible for ED.…

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  • Liz Canner Essay

    the newly-labeled Female Sexual Dysfunction. She reveals pharmaceutical interests and the way they are intertwined in the public’s perception of healthy and “normal”. The film is focused mainly on the pharmaceutical company Vivas, a company that was originally responsible for the first FDA approved erectile dysfunction medication. Soon after the introduction of their drug, however, pharmaceutical advertisements were…

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  • Erectile Dysfunction In Love Making

    actually have. Being deprived of it or being unable to effectively participate in it has devastating effects each form the physical and psychological point of view. Unfortunately, there are tons of men who bitch about sexual weakness or about erectile dysfunction. These stipulations can arise out of a multitude of reasons, however the bottom line is that they cannot be omitted. If they aren't handled in time, they may be able to destroy one's life. No one would willingly provide away the…

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  • Medicare Ethics And Reflexive Longevity

    cultural norms have adapted so quickly to these changes, does not give us precedence to marginalize or dismiss what older generations hold to be true or best in terms of their own health and life cycle. One aspect that I really enjoyed about reading Wentzell’s article on “Mexican Men’s Reasons for Not Using Erectile Dysfunction Drugs,” was that differed from Kaufman’s because Wentzell conducted her study from the perspective of her study population. Wentzell took individual account of…

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  • Orgasm, Inc.: Film Analysis

    The documentary, Orgasm, Inc, discusses the evolution of “female dysfunction disorder” and how this had inevitably led to the medicalization of female sexuality. The filmmaker, Liz Canner, begins by explaining how it was in the first place that she came about studying female sexual dysfunction “for nine years” and how this led her in making a documentary exposing the pharmaceutical companies’ roles in making profit by creating and defining the very diseases they “claim” to be able to cure.…

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  • Improper Implantation Case Study

    tubing kinks, aneurysm, and lack of dilation of the cylinders, silicone spillage, and loss of rigidity, breakage of the wire, erosion of the reservoir, spontaneous inflation/deflation, penile curvature and pump reservoir migration. Medications could help with erectile dysfunction, however surgery is considered to be a last resort. Erectile dysfunction occurs more frequently in the United States because the life expectancy is rising. According to Brosman, it mostly affects males that are 65…

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  • Correctile Dysfunction: A Case Study

    We begin present day article figuring out that you 've the commitment to move speak by way of your trouble with a medical professional. You now take delivery of that, for the substantial majority of all men who endure from ED, the one real choice about therapy shall be whether or not to take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra - perhaps on its possess or in blend with other medication. On account that virtually all guys can get relief from erectile dysfunction (ED) rapidly and simply, there is no…

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  • The Harmful Effects Of Pornography Research

    using pornography. Gabe Deem, one such man who grew up as the internet became available, is quoted saying that “porn was as much a part of adolescence as homework or acne” (Luscombe 42). Deem also recounts how he was sexually active at a young age but only viewed porn occasionally until he graduated from high school. After high school “it came to dominate his diet” and he says he realized after having several encounters where he was attracted to a woman but could not get aroused that pornography…

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