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  • Penguin By Design Analysis

    book, as the thirds within the golden section were wonderfully balanced. The type layout design, along with the typeface choice, was in keeping with the style of the Albatross series; simple and clean, and was staggered evenly between the three coloured horizontal divisions. The type used for these designs was a mix of Bodoni Ultra Bold, a ‘faux nineteenth century revival’ (Baines, p. 19), which was used for the publisher’s name, while Gill Sans (still relatively new at the time (1927-8)) was used for the rest of the cover and spine content. The dustjackets of these books were identical to the covers, with the only exception being the price, which was only shown on the jacket. The first eighty titles from Penguin Books were printed with The Bodley Head publisher’s name on the covers, until Penguin separated and…

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  • Gas Exchange

    Each gill arch is lined with filaments which are always submerged in water so they are always kept moist. Gill filaments are able to increase the surface area so that gasses between the water and the blood can diffuse easier. The gill filaments are covered in a large number of tiny folds known as lamella which further increase the surface area available for gas exchange. These filaments have many functions including the transfer of ions and water. Each filament provides a large surface area for…

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  • Gas Exchange Research Paper

    use for balance and to steer through the water. Description of gas exchange: As fish live in water their gas exchange system is somewhat different to that of terrestrial animals. They use fragile gills. It is a lot harder to obtain enough oxygen from the water as the concentration is so low, only about 4% and the fish are only able to extract 80% of this. Fish suck water in through their mouth and it flows over the gills. Four bony arches support the gills. The gills are composed of gill…

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  • Amphibian Man Vs Dark City Analysis

    man and Dark city are very different films. Eastern authors and directors created amphibian Man whereas Dark City was developed here in the United States. These two films were also filmed in very different times. Amphibian Man was filmed in 1962 whereas Dark City was filmed in 1998. Despite these vast differences, these two films have a lot in common. By looking at common themes, examining the progress of society and the effects superhuman powers can have on society, we can understand just how…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Animal Farm And Lord Of The Flies

    There are many similarities between the story of Animal Farm written by George Orwell and Lord of the Flies written by William Golding. Along with the similarities there are a few differences that support the theme of “Your beliefs will define you and will put you into a class”. The novels include different plot lines through the controversies of the democratic society. The similarities include that classes are identified throughout each story, and . One of the differences includes the…

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  • Case Study: Power Paw

    Pumpkin is scared, alone, and no one cares for her. If one saw Pumpkin on a commercial they would change the channel when it became too much to handle. Pumpkin is beaten, bruised, and on the brink of death, hoping desperately that maybe someone in the world would love her. “Pumpkin” is a poor and innocent kitten, left on the street because she was not enough or someone could n0t take care of her. Thinking “she’s better off out on the streets”. Instead of Pumpkin being left for dead; she is…

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  • Fast Food Nation Critical Analysis

    Food is the staple of any society. Before the practice of agriculture a sustainable supply of food was hard to come by; as a result, people were subjected to a harsher way of life. The invention of agricultural practices, and the resulting sustainable food supply, revolutionized the way life could be lived. However, there is a cost as population increases so to does, demand and in the name of expediency shortcuts are taken, which can be hazardous to the average individual.1 Eric Schlosser,…

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  • Analysis Of Animal Farm By George Orwell

    In George Orwell’s allegory, Animal Farm, a society that represents Russia is under the control of a power hungry dictator who gains power over all the citizen’s and every aspect of their lives. The dictator, a pig who represents Joseph Stalin, takes control of the farm after a successful rebellion has taken place and the owner has fled. To maintain his power over the farm, the dictator rules by fear and manipulates the citizen’s to follow his commands and decisions. Through the development of…

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  • Animalism Animal Farm

    Animal Farm is a novel written by George Orwell that depicts the overthrowing of a farmer by his animals. Mr.Jones, an unhappy drunk, is the ruler of the Manor Farm. He over works his animals, gives them bad living conditions, and does not feed them regularly. The animals don’t necessarily view Mr.Jones as a bad man or feel like they are being treated unfairly since it is all they have ever known. One night, the farm animals gather with Old Major, a pig, as his life is coming to a close. Old…

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  • Struggle, Abuse Of Power In Animal Farm, By George Orwell

    The book we have read is Animal Farm written by George Orwell. The book is a fable and the main genre is drama and satire, satire because Orwell is humiliating the rule in the Russian Revolution. The theme in the book is power struggle, abuse of power and leadership. Animal Farm is a novel that shows us in a more simple and easier way how the Russian Revolution happened and developed. The oldest pig, Old Major, had a dream and tells every animal about it in a meeting. The dream was about the…

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