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  • Descriptive Essay On Red Lobster

    After a night out my friends and I decided to treat ourselves and eat out. We debated about where to go until we finally agreed on Red Lobster. A restaurant whose slogan is “where we see food differently”. Being an establishment that prides itself on serving fresh seafood and excellent service every guest should expect this when choosing them as their dining option. However, upon entering the Erie Red Lobster, you are welcomed by a cliché atmosphere, compiled with service that lacks hospitality, and food that has poor quality. As soon as we walked through the door we were greeted and put on a wait. The host told us it would only be a short wait “10-15 minutes”. While we waited in the lobby, which is cramped area with only two wooden benches…

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  • Tom Ridge Environmental Center Observation

    our bodies and nature and includes the world and beyond around us. One such place observed is the Tom Ridge Environmental Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. This center is full of learning experiences for all ages. Observation of the Center The Tom Ridge Environmental Center is somewhere I have never been to, but always wondered what it actually was. It is at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park which is almost completely surrounded by Lake Erie. Presque Isle is approximately 3200 acres and…

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  • North And South Similarities

    working the land. Elite planters would have over thirty slaves working the land, masters will employ overseers due to the large number of slaves they owned. Overseers is a person that would supervise the slave to make sure that they are working hard. The southerner’s acquire to own slaves because the more slaves you have the less work you have to do. Education was provided to only children of plantation owners, small farmers had little or no education. The progress of transportation and…

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  • Lake Erie

    Lake Erie is one of the largest bodies of fresh water on the plant, and it provides drinking water to over 11 million people. Unfortunately, the large body of water is under attack, and the offender, is the very people depending on it. Over the past couple of years Lake Erie has been assaulted with worsening toxic algae blooms. As a result, in 2014, the city of Toledo was unable to consume the tap water without fear of becoming sick. Now, how is it the people 's fault that this is occurring?…

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  • The Globalization Of The Erie Canal

    The Erie Canal has been praised for years as a well-known legendary waterway around the world (Larkin 1998). The canal has been termed as “the greatest public work undertaken by a free society solely for the benefit of its people…the undertaking was a prodigious one” (Edmonds 1960, p. 1). Not only was the forty feet wide, four foot deep and 363 miles canal, which originally contained 77 locks, able to bridge a connection from Lake Erie to the Hudson and a 66 mile link to the Champlain Canal as a…

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  • Industrial Revolution: The Erie Canal

    the Erie canal. The creation of the Erie canal created a route from the Atlantic ocean of the Hudson river to the great lakes of lake Erie, helping stimulate the economy of America and the state of New york, which Erie canal ran through, because of Erie canal , it shaped America’s network inside and outside its borders during the Industrial Revolution by technological innovation , economic globalization, commerce and trade. The Erie canal opened in the October of 1825 and It…

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  • Erie Canal Research Paper

    Transportation in northern parts of America was a dangerous, long and hard labor until the Erie canal came and made life a lot easier. The Erie canal was made in 1817 and finished in 1825, it cost over seven million dollars for the 363 mile long waterway. Was the canal better than the roads or was it consider obsolete or inferior to the roads? The roads are more expensive, require more mules or horses to pull and overall takes longer. The canal is cheaper, faster and safer than the roads but its…

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  • Summary: Erie County Court Internship

    During my Spring Semester I intern with Judge Francyzk in the Erie County Court in Buffalo, New York. This internship helped me shape my knowledge in the criminal justice system. In this internship I observed cases and trials and also reviewed legal documentations. Moreover, this internship was helpful because it opened new opportunities for my future in the long run. Throughout this internship I also got to determine what areas I am more interested and would like to pursue in the criminal…

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  • Erie Railroad Company Case Study

    Question 1 i) The Erie Railroad Company was at the center of The Erie War. It operates the railroad transportation business within Buffalo, Chicago and New York City. As it connects cities within the southern countries and Lake Erie thus railroad transportation is the main industry the company operates. ii) Controlling ownership interest is defined as an individual who posses at least 50% of the company’s share. They can manage and control the company, for example choosing managers and…

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  • The Erie Canals: An Important Part Of The Industrial Revolution

    1. Speed is one of the most important factors in life when dealing with the every changing market. In order to keep up with the market, there were new innovations that came into play to keep up with the speed, such as Conestogas, new roads, canals, steamboats, and railroads. Steamboats helped to make the two-way commerce possible in eastern river systems and continuing to create a transcontinental trade and an agricultural territory. It became easier for people to buy and sell goods via larger…

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