Sex Toys Research Paper

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The Value of Sex Toys
Sex toys provide a viable solution for people who have an insatiable appetite for sexual pleasure. It was interesting to find out that they have been around for hundreds of years. There is more information on the stores and websites that sell them as opposed to the toys themselves. The goal of this paper is to focus on the sex toys, the shops that sell them, and the benefits of using one.
This paper is organized into three main sections. The first section will focus on how sex toys came into being. The second section will focus on where a person can obtain a personal toy for themselves. Lastly, the third section will state the benefits of the use of sex toys.
According to Wednesday Lee Friday, the first
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Sex toys have many benefits. Not only do they enhance your sex life, they give people an option to choose how and when they have sexual relations. Whether it be early in the morning with a partner or just riding home in the car from work, the possibilities are endless. Sex toys are a way to give self-gratification. A lubricant “…makes everything feel better…,” (Davis 111) Dildos on the other hand gives a better stimulation. A dildo is shaped like a man’s penis. The word dildo defined means delight. (Davis 116) Combined with a lubricant the sexual pleasure you receive from the vibrating stimulation can send a person into another orbit. The sex toy with the best benefits is the vibrator. The name alone can define way. Sexual stimulation comes from pulsating muscles within a man’s and women’s body. The vibrator was designed to recreate that feeling without having to have the partner effect. Vibrators come battery operated or electric and can be purchased in any store. It just depends what you are looking for. If you are looking for a man replacement, go to a sex shop and find a vibrator shaped like a penis. If you are looking for just the stimulation, you can get a vibrating massager to do that. (Sawyer) Sex toys relieve stress after a long hard day at work. This is especially true if you are alone with no significant other. (Sawyer) People can benefit from use but, it is and always will be a personal choice. Stress relief from the use of …show more content…
Sex toys were created to give people the freedom to choose with what and whom they have sex with. Whether their choice to use sex toys was from a safe standpoint or a sexually freaky standpoint is one’s own imagination. The future holds no bounds on the evolution of the sex toy. Your phone has already taken that turn, and foreseeably there could actually be a pill invented to give you that same feeling of euphoria that one desires after having participated in sexual activity. The stores will benefit from the sales and the people will benefit from the products. We can only assume that sex toys are here to stay forever. From the blowup doll to the dildo, we have seen it all. Sex toys are fun, useful and beneficial. Sex shops facilitate the acquisitions of the toys, and enhance the benefits. Just try one and see for yourself; you will be amazed and astonished on what you will

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