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  • Summary: Out-The-Box Thinking

    Many leaders have hired firms to make expensive television ads, some have used social media, and have even used giveaways to capture consumers. Although these strategies may work, the only way for any strategy or method to work is with the leaders at the top to display original leadership. Consumers today are looking for that out-the-box thinking, something different, originality. According to (Llopis, 2014), “to be an original leader requires new levels of thinking that most wouldn’t have the courage to explore and put into action. Originality stems from one’s desire not to be average, common or just like everyone else. It requires you to think carefully about the people you associate yourself with, the environment of leaders you surround yourself with, and the outside factors that shape the ways you lead – in other words, the totality of things that influence your thinking, how you act and when you take action”. The article suggests that leaders must approach all aspects of the business with an originality leadership style. Having that ability to be original allows the product or services being offered to be more of an eye opener to consumers rather than a common commodity. The article outlined four characteristic that an original leader such the CEO of LightSpeedVT possesses; these characteristics include, potent pioneers, different view, not self-focused, and…

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  • Reflection On The Bronze Head Of Ife

    to the cast. When reviewing the complexity of this assignment, my goal was to create something that was original and that I would not suspect another classmate of mine would create. Between my love for history and respect for the arts, I wanted to challenge my artistic self into examining an under-recognized work of art and suggest its creative elements that are often overlooked. In order to identify and mimic the creative prospects of the work that elicit detail, I had to admire certain…

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  • Gaye's Composition Analysis

    OTHER SECTION It is clear that Gaye’s composition on paper is protected, but it is also clear that the style Gaye’s composition reflects is an idea that is not protected, pursuant to section 102 (b). Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. §§ 102(b) (2012). The question then becomes, whether Appellants attempted to reflect the style of Gaye’s piece, or whether they attempted to build on an already completed composition to create a derivative song that paralleled the original, pursuant to section 103.…

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  • Importance Of Originality

    Why is originality such a commodity? Paul Rand once said, “ Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.” However, designers these days as compared to the past are more preoccupied with the notion of originality, where they value the idea of being new and different from the rest. Having their work complimented as being original has become something that most designers would like to achieve. It feels as though being complimented with being original gives some sort of assurance and affirmation…

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  • Authorial Intent In Liar

    How the authorial intent affects the value is also dependent on whether or not the creator succeeded in their purpose, viz whether or not the reader can infer an intended meaning from the text thus the creator’s role is to make this intent effective to understand (Aagaard-Mogensen, 1986 p28). However, the view that there is only one meaning, and that others are incorrect and/or irrelevant limits the value that can be interpreted from the piece. Here the intentional fallacy comes into play, the…

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  • Originality In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    Originality is a concept which has changed and evolved over hundreds of years. Indeed, the definition of originality, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as the “ability to think or express oneself in an independent and individual manner” , has not always been so rigid. In the Elizabethan era the concept of originality was not concerned with whose idea was whose. In fact, originality was all about how the idea was portrayed, for instance, whether it was performed on stage or by other…

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  • Authenticity And Originality In Baca's '

    From the first paragraph onwards, authenticity and originality strikes Baca’s reader. This authenticity is displayed through unparalleled illustrations and explanations full of colors and feelings, “ambulance sirens shrieked and squad car lights reddened the cool nights, flashing against the hospital walls: gray-red, gray-red”. This originality creates an atmosphere of a person sharing his whole life story to tell people the importance of expressing yourself. Baca’s has experienced enormous…

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  • Plagiarism: The Role Of Originality In Literature

    Originality is the ability to be able to or to think independently and creatively. We often have the mind set that originality is exactly as it is defined, but that is a misconception due to the use of others work contributing to our own. We are taught to believe that when constructing our own work, we are supposed to come up with every single idea or piece that goes into it. If not, we were threatened by the word plagiarism. Our generation knows plagiarism as the ultimate sin in the world of…

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  • The Characteristics Of John Stuart Mill's Genius And Originality

    the two primary qualities in life were originality and genius. An original person is one who is independent of all others and is unique in all that they do, and someone who displays genius is unusually intelligent and creative. In “Genius and Originality”, Mill suggests that these qualities are indispensable in society since they prevent life and knowledge from becoming static, and without them, society cannot progress. He proposes that conformity is preventing genius and originality from…

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  • Rosalind Krauss Originality Of The Avante-Garde Analysis

    Rosalind Krauss, Originality of the Avante-Garde " Originality of the Avante-Garde" - the most famous book of Krauss - is a collection of essays written and published primarily in the 1980s. In them, Krauss analyzes the most varied stories of the history of art modernism - from Duchamp and Giacometti to Sol Levitt and Ellsworth Kelly. However, examining the art of the twentieth century, she constantly calls into question the very position of the researcher, the conceptual framework in which…

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