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  • Summary: The Perils Of Parenting

    Searching, frantically looking for days, fearing the worst, and praying for the best. Imagine sitting in your house while your child is missing. Police questioning you asking for all of your child’s details, height, weight, hair and eye color, clothing they were wearing. That is what Nicole Cable’s mother experienced in May of 2013. Nicole, who was 15 at the time, left her house to meet a 20 year old man she had met on a popular social networking website, Facebook, and never made it home. Today, five out of eleven children admit to meeting up with people they meet on social media sites (Charlton). One third of girls admit to meeting up with social media site friends and one in ten of them admit experiencing some form of sexual exploitation (Ghose). Instances like this occur every day all over the country which leaves many with a question, “Are teenagers too young to enjoy this social media rollercoaster?”(Italicize??) The Perils of Parenting in the Digital Age, by Lee Siegel, addresses how Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, wrote and sent the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) a twenty page letter that urged the FTC to reconsider their planned revisions of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). The revisions would make any collection of data from children under the age of 13 illegal. Zuckerberg wants to help Facebook, along with other social networking sites (SoNet sites), expand their boarders and be open to people of all ages across the United…

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  • Dangers Of Social Networking

    Have you ever applied for a job or to a college and wondered why you weren’t hired or admitted? Have you recently spent any time reviewing your digital footprint? If your answer to the last question was no, then you may have just found the answer to the first question. In today’s society, there is a multitude of social networking websites available to almost anyone with internet access. These sites allow users to provide a seemingly harmless view into their everyday lives, sharing with others…

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  • Are Children More Social

    have apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and many other social media apps to meet new people on. They could meet endless amounts of people. Although all these interactions may not be face-to-face they are still talking to new people everyday and making more friends, some of these friendships they will have for life. Even if the children cannot meet their friend face to face they can still Skype, Facetime, Oovoo, or even just talk on the phone. These ways of interaction are better…

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  • Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

    Is Social Media Affecting Your Well Being? Imagine that you get a call from the principal every day because your daughter or son is always on their phone, due to the distraction of social media. That it’s only been two minutes of being in class when the teacher already kicked them out because she or he had already warned them, yet they don’t listen. That for every single peep or ring they hear, they have to look at their phones right away because there that addicted to social media. What are we…

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  • Are Social Media Corrosive To The Real Community

    Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, have had an impact on the way humans are interacting with each other. These social icons are not just a medium for communication, but they offer more to it, than that. Social networks have attracted many individuals worldwide because of their potential to address millions of users and possible future customers (Krombholz, Merkl, Weippl, 2012). These platforms are becoming a norm in today’s world that are difficult to…

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  • Social Network Negatives

    Social Networks: Are There More Positives Than Negatives Because of the making of social networks like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter (Bowles, 2013), the way individuals cooperate informally has different intensely. Social networks used to happen with only young folks, however, now the key tools of communication for people of all age group. As of February 2012, in the United States, almost 86% of age group uses these websites, in the past couple of years, social networking websites…

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  • Links Between Social Networking And Happiness In Netflix's Black Mirror

    A few months ago, Netflix premiered its third installment of their hit show Black Mirror, beginning with the first episode entitled “Nosedive”. The main character, Lacie Pound, lives in a technology-obsessed, quasi-futuristic world where both friends and strangers can rate each other’s popularity and individual interactions out of five stars via cellphone and smart-lens technology. Most everyone has their phone glued to their hand, and are constantly updating their Facebook-esque social media…

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  • What Is Technology: Helpful Or Harmful?

    In the twenty-first century, we are surrounded by people who have their neck inclined downwards looking at their digital devices and are met with text messages, Facebook notifications, and the latest entertainment videos without a care of bumping into someone. Having silence on the subway because people just want to have earphones in their ears and read their phones than have a face to face communication. As a result of this mass increase in technology that is now incorporated into our social…

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  • Social Networking Negative

    Social Networking. Positive or Negative? In 2014, over 2.8 billion people around the world signed on to the computer or a phone and used a website. While in 2000, only around 400,000 people signed on and used a website. The first social network ever made, “SixDegrees.com”, let people make personal profiles and keep a list of their friends. The internet has hundreds and hundreds of social networking websites that kids and adults use on a daily basis. Social Networking takes a huge part in the…

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  • The Negative Impacts Of Values Across Pop Culture

    Values Across Pop Culture Have you ever watched a movie or an episode of TV? Have you seen how society values other people and their objects? It is just straight up trash how we treat people nowadays. What about music? Have you actually listened to what the singer is saying? It is all putting negative images in the listeners head. Possibly one of the most negative affects of social networking or media is that it causes the users to get addicted. A value is a general idea that certain types of…

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