Social Networking Informative Essay

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Society spends about 6 hours on a daily basis on social networking sites (Bennett, par. 3). This includes going on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and many more. Our generation enjoys going on social network because it is a way we can see what goes on in our family, friends, and even celebrities’ lives. Even though we can see what everyone is doing, is this good for society? Can social networking be addicting? People have learned to hide behind the screens and target people for online harassment and cyber bullying (Ta, par.8). Social networking does not influence society positively because it limits social interactions like face-to-face conversations, increases cyber bullying, and may or may not provide false information.
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Henry Jenkins, Provost’s Professor of Communication Journalism and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, talks about his son’s experience when he met a girl on an online chat room (par. 3). Ever since his son, Henry, met Sarah, they talked every single day over e-mail that led to phone calls (par. 2). As their connection became stronger and they felt as if they had their own special bond, they wrote love letters to each other (par. 4). This proves that social networking does not always come in between in people. Henry and Sarah eventually met each other and it went well for them. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last long, but it wasn’t because they met on an online chat room or because their first time interaction wasn’t what they were expecting; it was because their interests had changed since they were fifteen (par. 15). Social media doesn’t always ruin relationships and in fact, it can even strengthen them. Meeting people who have the same interests is perfectly okay and harmless. Meeting Sarah wasn’t a regret Henry had because that experience taught him it is okay to meet and talk to someone online, but face to face contact is better and useful in a

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