Orthopedic surgery

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  • Benefits Of Orthopedic Surgery

    Orthopedic Surgery averages more than 20 surgeries in a month (“Career”), which leads to the fact that orthopedic surgeons are in high demand. Orthopedic surgery looks like an interesting career, which I’d like to be in, in my future. A career in orthopedic surgery takes a lot of education and training, but has many benefits. There are many different kinds of surgeons in the United States. You have general surgeons, specialty interest surgeons, and specialists in the fields of surgery (“Sports Physicians”). Thirty-two percent of surgeons are general surgeons, who work on any part of the body (“Career”). Thirty-seven percent are specialty interest surgeons, who work on more specific types of the body (“Career”). Then 31% are specialists, which…

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  • Orthopedic Surgery

    Imagine you broke your hand and need a surgery in order to restore function to your fingers. If the surgery is successful you will be able to use all of you fingers, if something inaccurate occurs you will lose the feeling in your fingers. Would you prefer a robot or a human to perform your surgery? This will be a question you might ask yourself in the near future. But what if there is a robot being controlled by a human? Right now there are robots already performing surgeries with the help of a…

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  • Pros And Cons Of An Orthopedic Surgery

    good for me to be an orthopedic surgeon. I have always thought about the future as a child. At just age 8, I thought I had everything planned. I was going to be a lawyer. After realizing that I hate history, I figured that a job in politics would not be the best bet for me. Then, I thought about being a private detective. I liked the fact that there would be a new steeple to climb every single day. After doing my research on the job, I found out that the job outlook was not great for the…

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  • Service Line Development Case Study: Service Line Development

    Hospital (TCH) has the opportunity to develop a new orthopedic service line. It is anticipated that there will be a huge increase in need for orthopedic services within the next 5 years; orthopedic cases will increase by 46%, joint and spine procedures will increase by 30% and outpatient joint and spine procedures will increase by 350%. The five year projection for the orthopedic shows gross charges per orthopedic surgical case to be…

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  • Orthopedic Surgery: Case Study

    Karen: I’m Dr. Karen Sutton, an associate professor at Yale Medicine. Oh, I didn’t add the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. I’m Dr. Karen Sutton, an associate professor in the department of Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Yale Medicine. 0:00:48.9 I’m Dr. Karen Sutton, an associate professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Yale Medicine. Interviewer: Describe what ACL is and why it’s so important. 0.01:06.9 Karen: The anterior cruciate ligament, or the ACL, is a ligament that…

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  • A Career In Orthopedic Surgery

    Since my freshman year in high school, I’ve been interested in becoming an orthopedic surgeon, or at the very least, something in sports medicine. During my freshman year of cross country, I was diagnosed with a femoral neck stress fracture. This injury allowed me to learn a lot about sports medicine as I was surrounded, and still am surrounded, by various doctors treating my now chronic hip pain. It’s fascinating how orthopedic surgeons can vary from helping a sports injury like mine, to…

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  • Negative Effects Of ESWT Essay

    as Japan medical professionals use it for nonunion fracture and pseudoarthrosis(Lohrer, Nauck, Korakakis & Malliaropoulos, 2016). The most important parameters of this modality are acoustic pulsed characterized by high peak-pressure usually around 50 to 80 Mpa, high wavelets velocity and energy flux density, low 0.28 mJ/mm2 broad frequency between 15-20 Mhz (Prentice, 2011) Unlike ultrasound ESWT has low frequency, minimal tissue absorption and no thermal effects. The Effects of ESWT on…

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  • Total Knee Prosthetics Essay

    The summer of my junior year of high school I had the opportunity to shadow a variety of medical professionals. One of these was an orthopedic surgeon, and during the time I spent watching his surgeries, I got the chance to witness two Total Knee Arthroscopies (TKAs). For my biomedical product, I chose to research a total knee prosthesis. This prosthetic has an old and very diverse history that centers mostly around the 1970s, but today has become a multibillion dollar industry with millions of…

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  • Health Care Case Studies

    provider declined writing any orders for transportation or attendant care she would prefer the orthopedic doctor to do that. On 12/21/16 I met Ms. Payne at the office of Dr. Linehan orthopedic surgeon. The right shoulder is painful and has limited range of motion. She report cervical and low back pain. We were told she was supposed to follow up with Dr. S. Mohammad for that. The right knee was x-rayed and the knee replacement looked aligned. They feel she just has a bruise and it will get…

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  • Essay On Orthopedic Surgeons

    TRIPLE AIM AND A RURAL ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC: IT MATTERS Introduction Currently I am in a group practice situation alongside four other orthopedic surgeons in our practice. I am a nonsurgical sports medicine physician by profession and trained in evaluation and management of musculoskeletal conditions using non-surgical modalities like exercise, physical therapy, using braces/splints, and injections. This model of sports medicine physician and orthopedics surgeon has mutual complementary benefit…

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