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  • Case Study: An Interview With Elite Orthotics Inc.

    GENERAL INFORMATION: On November 12, 2016 I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Nulph, manager of business operations at Elite Orthotics Incorporated. Elite Orthotics is located at 705 West Beaver Street Zelienople PA 16063, and Kevin’s contact number is (724) 452-5529. Kevin has been manager of business operations for 10 years, starting in 2006, and he was gracious enough to meet with me at their location for approximately 30 minutes on Saturday at 10:30am. ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITY: As manager of business operations, Kevin says he has many different roles and responsibilities. To list them, he is in charge of supervising production, employees, the human resource division of the company, accounts payable, and purchasing. In addition to…

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  • Functional Orthotic Insoles

    Orthotics is that science which deals with custom designing and constructing foot appliances like shoe inserts, arch support and other wide range of products to offer support and comfort to the foot. Among all such formations, a truly functional orthotic device is the one which is formed by the mold of a foot when the same foot is held at subtle joint position. The subtle joint is the region below the ankle joint which allows the foot to flatten or increase the arch as per the position or…

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  • Prosthetic Application Research Paper

    Prosthetics are devices used to replace a missing or damaged limb and make the wearer able to regain the functions that they previously have lost. This field has been around for centuries and has been advancing drastically in recent years as technology advances. Like prosthetics, orthotics are devices that are used to regain or enhance the function of a body part and again like prosthetics they are rapidly improving. Prosthetics focus on making anthromorphic limbs to replace missing ones for…

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  • Shoe Inserts Essay

    especially for you. Prescription orthotics match the contours of your feet and are designed to restore the natural function of your foot. Today, many people suffer from problems such as lower back pain, heel pain, and knee pain, which are caused by poor foot function. Custom shoe inserts re-align the ankle and foot bones to their neutral position, which helps in restoring natural foot function. This helps in alleviating pain and problems in other parts of the human body. Podiatrist may also…

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  • Flat Feet Persuasive Essay

    Surgery can be done to tighten the tendons, remove the accessory navicular bone, or to reshape the bones in the foot. Flat foot correction surgery should only be performed if the patient is in extreme pain and has tried all of the other techniques. There are always risks to surgeries, so having it performed for something that can be solved another way is pointless. At the moment, I do ankles and calf stretches, wear custom orthotics, and have supportive shoes. These are all helping me correct my…

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  • Reimbursement Ethical Dilemmas

    addressing the ethical issues that will most likely go hand in hand with them. An ethical practice is a sound business. Although an ethics choice made the wrong way can produced short term positive effects and gains, it can change very quickly into a long time loss, both monetarily and professionally. Ethical practices and individuals prosper more in the long run by earning respect and trust of consumers as well as other businesses, gaining more in the end. Fairley opens his article, Where…

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  • Essay On Helmet Vs Active Repositioning

    DeGrazia M, Giambanco D, Hamn G, Ditzel A, Tucker L, Gauvreau K. Prevention of deformational plagiocephaly in hospitalized infants using a new orthotic device. Journal of obstetric, gynecologic, and neonatal nursing : JOGNN / NAACOG. 2015;44(1):28-41. Researchers in this study sought to determine whether the inclusion of an orthotic device, the cranial cup, was feasible, safe, and showed efficacy, in the reduction of deformational plagiocephaly (DP) in infants that had extended…

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  • Benefits Of Switching To Orthopedic Shoes

    If you are on the fence about switching to orthopedic shoes in Dallas, TX, we know how you feel. The stereotypes for orthopedic shoes are numerous: bulky designs with thick soles, monochromatic color schemes, Velcro fasteners--we've seen them all. The truth, however, is that you don't have to sacrifice style (or your self respect) to keep your feet healthy. What's more, your feet aren't the only part of your body that will benefit from a switch to orthopedic footwear. Here are few reasons to…

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  • Tailor's Bunion Case Study

    weakening of muscles and ligaments caused by advancing age 5. Genetics are a common cause of tailor's bunion Treatment & Prevention Tailor's Bunions are a progressive deformity, and if left untreated the bump will become larger, causing the little to lie over or underneath the fourth toe. A podiatrist may recommend these treatments: -Icing: icing the inflamed area may help with the pain and swelling. Do not apply directly to the skin, but instead wrap the pack of ice in a thin towel, then…

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  • Overpronation Research Paper

    the gait is called oversupination or underpronation. Oversupination is not as common as overpronation, but it still can cause injury to your foot and ankle. Your foot doesn't absorb shock as well since it doesn't roll to the inside as much. The over rotation of your foot affects the ligaments and tendons all the way up to your knee and it strains your lower leg. You can tell you have this condition if your shoes wear down on the outside of the heel. However, to fully understand your gait, you…

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