Kevin Nulph Case Study

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On November 12, 2016 I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Nulph, manager of business operations at Elite Orthotics Incorporated. Elite Orthotics is located at 705 West Beaver Street Zelienople PA 16063, and Kevin’s contact number is (724) 452-5529. Kevin has been manager of business operations for 10 years, starting in 2006, and he was gracious enough to meet with me at their location for approximately 30 minutes on Saturday at 10:30am.

As manager of business operations, Kevin says he has many different roles and responsibilities. To list them, he is in charge of supervising production, employees, the human resource division of the company, accounts payable, and purchasing. In addition to general supervision, Kevin is solely responsible for planning daily production, and producing and checking work orders for medical equipment. As Kevin was quick to note, he has his hands in all the pots. As a manager, he sees his duty less as physically handling these individual components and more making sure
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A large problem facing Kevin and Elite Orthotics Inc. is that they feel the ACA reforms try to streamline policy too much, and that by doing so it neglects their sector of the healthcare system. As a custom fabricator each product is different from the next, but the ACA mandated that all devices be treated as the same. What this means for Elite Orthotics is that no matter if a single device is small, for a child, and only take 2 hours to make, or if it is large, for a grown man, and take 8 hours to make, Elite Orthotics must sell both for the same price. This and the added paperwork add addition cost burdens on the company. A good quote from Kevin during this interview was that he said, “We aren’t selling aspirin here, so I don’t understand how we are supposed to be regulated as if we

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