The Importance Of The Affordable Care Act

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The American healthcare industry is a fluid industry. The healthcare industry is continuously changing, sometimes these changes are good and sometimes they are bad. These changes can be as large as enacting a federal law requiring all Americans to have a form of health insurance, or as small as a multibillion-dollar company giving out grants in order to help those who lack sufficient health insurance. One of these recent changes in particular has thrown the whole system into the spot light and under the microscope. Although some of these changes mange to slip under the radar. Blue Cross Blue Shield is one the biggest insurance providers in the nation. BCBS covers more than 105 million Americans. However, being a large provider does not make you …show more content…
The Affordable Care Act (commonly known as Obama Care) has been a very widely debated topic, some tote is as a great success meanwhile others regard it as the blunder of the century. But as with most things the truth lies somewhere in the middle. What has Obama care done right? Obama care has allowed more Americans access to affordable health care especially for those who live below the poverty line. While this is a fantastic achievement it has resulted in some unexpected side effects. According to Atlas (2015) “55% of doctors already refuse new Medicaid patients.” This means that while more people have access to healthcare, they have fewer choices as to whom they may see. On top of that, “Such "insurance" from Obamacare not only fails to provide access to doctors, but research in the top medical journals such as Cancer (Atlas 2015). So not only do those enrolled in plans provided by Obama Care have limited access to doctors but they also have limited access to the best quality and technology in some fields. These limitations are a direct consequence of the Affordable Healthcare Act. It has consistently resulted in insufficient payment for

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