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  • Benefits Of Orthopedic Surgery

    than 20 surgeries in a month (“Career”), which leads to the fact that orthopedic surgeons are in high demand. Orthopedic surgery looks like an interesting career, which I’d like to be in, in my future. A career in orthopedic surgery takes a lot of education and training, but has many benefits. There are many different kinds of surgeons in the United States. You have general surgeons, specialty interest surgeons, and specialists in the fields of surgery (“Sports Physicians”). Thirty-two percent of surgeons are general surgeons, who work on any part of the body (“Career”). Thirty-seven percent are specialty interest surgeons, who work on more specific types of the body (“Career”). Then 31% are specialists, which…

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  • Reflection On The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

    as suddenly as my triumph came, it was also taken away. Yet again I found myself back at the doctor, unable to run. The doctor diagnosed me with something of which I cannot quite remember, but whatever it was sent me back to physical therapy. This injury caused me to miss another cross country season and spend countless hours in physical therapy. Unlike before, therapy did not seem to be helping at all. It seemed that the harder I worked in therapy, the more it hurt. After around two and a half…

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  • Seattle Grace Hospital Red Line Analysis

    is painted through hallways and doors. It represents where these elite surgeons are allowed to go, compared to the average citizen that walks in with a complaint. It separates areas where the hospital goes from being accessible to all, to only enterable by few. When one walks into a hospital there are many aspects to notice. There are families who have been waiting hours hopeful hear good news and other people who are just waiting to see what is wrong with them. However, many people fail to…

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  • Surgical Technician Essay

    The list contains information such as the surgeon being left or right handed. It is the technician’s job to make sure he or she has prepared the correct surgical instruments. Once the surgical tools are sterile and transported into the operating room the surgical tech is responsible for arranging them in the correct order. Items missing from the surgical table falls back on the surgical technologist and can delay the surgery. Once all surgical tools are in the correct place all surgical techs…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life After My Surgery

    I saw the surgeon and he agreed that my gall bladder needed to come out ASAP and scheduled my surgery for two days after my appointment. I was scheduled for a 10 am surgery. I went on like nothing until the day before my surgery, but when morning came I was a nervous wreck since I have never had a surgery before. Finally the day came and off to the hospital me and my mom went . They admitted me and prepped me and all of the medical assistants and nurses were so kind and caring. It was a…

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  • Ethical And Legal Case Study Of Dr. Brown's Surgical Case

    Brown is a board certified family physician. Dr. Brown receives his surgical privileges many years ago when he joined the staff at the rural hospital. This surgical privilege allows Dr. Brown to practice colonoscopies, C-sections, vasectomies, hemorrhoidectomies, and lump and bump surgeries which he had been trained to do during his residency. However, the case does not say if Dr. Brown is a board certified surgeon or how long his surgical privileges last. According to the Board of Medicine…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Plastic Surgery

    God damn! My stupid googles fogged up again. I reached up to my face to clean the thin piece of plastic protecting my eyes. Did I put these on wrong? No one else seems to have this problem… “Hey student. Get up here and watch this,” beckoned one of the surgeons. My body jolted as I was unexpectedly called upon and I quickly walked toward my mentor, but I also made sure that I kept enough distance to not interfere with the “sterile environment” surrounding the patient. The surgeon who had…

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  • Surgery As My Passion Essay

    Sketching arts and Surgery sound as two different worlds, but in reality they share many details. For an artist to draw, we must pay extra attention to any little details, which is what I do whenever I hold my pencil to draw. Similarly, surgeons have no room for any slight error because any small mistake could cost the life of our patients. I tend to think of them as one entity and this is why I see surgery as my passion. Growing up in Saudi Arabia in a small conservative city puts any girl into…

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  • Mayo Clinic Remote Robotic Surgery

    marks a milestone for biotechnology nationwide in Kazakhstan. New information has also been released on the number of robotic surgeon models are active in NHS hospitals in the UK. To be fair, PCI is a non-surgical procedure; doctors go through the bloodstream via either the forearm or the groin to widen coronary arteries that are otherwise constricting. It’s…

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  • Character Analysis: The Good Doctor

    The Good Doctor: Episodes 1-4 The Good Doctor television show focuses on a surgical resident, Shaun Murphy, who has autism and savant syndrome. It takes place in San Jose, California. Shaun is described as having near-photographic recall and the ability to note extreme details and changes. The first episode started off with a medical emergency with an airport sign injuring a child’s neck. With his medical background, Shaun was able to stabilize the child. The doctors initially refused to listen…

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