Surgery As My Passion Essay

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Sketching arts and Surgery sound as two different worlds, but in reality they share many details. For an artist to draw, we must pay extra attention to any little details, which is what I do whenever I hold my pencil to draw. Similarly, surgeons have no room for any slight error because any small mistake could cost the life of our patients. I tend to think of them as one entity and this is why I see surgery as my passion.
Growing up in Saudi Arabia in a small conservative city puts any girl into a lot of restrictions and limitations. I had to find a way to express my feelings, as I found myself immersed into drawing. Observing my drawings became my passion, where I always desired to achieve perfection. I wanted to overcome the obstacles in
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At first, the surgeon had to check for any defects and repair them; I remember him saying it’s either a straight forward case or a complicated one. Ours was the second type of transplant. It was mesmerizing and breathtaking to see how the kidney became viable and pinkish after he connected it to the external iliac artery and vein. I enjoyed observing the surgeon while checking for any bleeding at the suture lines to make sure everything went smooth. I remember the next day when we were rounding and visiting the gentleman in his room, he was super excited and happy because he had received a new kidney, which meant no more dialysis for him anymore, and the chance at returning to a normal life. Another experience I encountered was a 5-day-old baby boy who had a hypoxic brain injury that precluded a recovery, but the rest of his organs were still viable. Therefore, we took him to the OR where all of his organs were donated for people in need. It was sad; however, knowing that other people will live because of him was very inspiring. Such experiences sad or good could be hard, but as with most things I love, I opted to view the difficulties as challenges and have thus remained devoted in my choice of specialty.
My ambition can only be accomplished by participating wholeheartedly in the best program possible. I am looking for a residency program that will enrich my medical expertise and provide me with the necessary tools to succeed and strive to be the best. In addition I hope to have the chance to continue research, which would complement my constant clinical training and give me the opportunity to contribute to the science of Surgery. I seek to be part of an excellent program that promotes a supportive and stimulating learning

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