Seattle Grace Hospital Red Line Analysis

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A red line can just seem like a color and a shape to some, but in the Seattle Grace hospital it represents the lives of every roaming doctor and nurse. Throughout the hospital, this red line is painted through hallways and doors. It represents where these elite surgeons are allowed to go, compared to the average citizen that walks in with a complaint. It separates areas where the hospital goes from being accessible to all, to only enterable by few. When one walks into a hospital there are many aspects to notice. There are families who have been waiting hours hopeful hear good news and other people who are just waiting to see what is wrong with them. However, many people fail to realize how much exhaustion and work is put into making sure these people are satisfied. One of the most important aspects to notice in a hospital is the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers rushing around to …show more content…
These three are all interns to become surgeons. They are already at a higher ranking than these nurses, even though they just started out their career. They walk up to the main entrance of the hospital as they do every day, but because today was the day of the nursing strike, everything was different. The signs consist of different sayings: “Hours over Wages,” “Nurses need a life too,” “Support your Nurses,” “Overtime Kills” etc. While they picket these signs they yell “Fair hours! Fair wages!”. The nurses’ actions and signs appeal to pathos and logos. They inform the public of the situation while demanding for compassion and change. Doctor Yang, who is obsessed with her job and who she is as a surgeon, does not give it a second thought but to cross the imaginary red line, despite the nurses’ feelings. Doctor Izzy Stevens stands at the beginning of the tunnel of nurses holding their badgering and hostile signs; she feels compassion for the

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