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  • Security Onion Intrusion Detection System

    Security Onion intrusion detection system will be selected, installed, and evaluated. A trial deployment of the intrusion detection system will be attempted in a restricted environment, then a simulated attack will be carried out, and the results analysed. Security Onion is an IDS tool that is used to monitor network security, and log management. It contains other tools like sguil, snort, Bro, Suriacata, and OSSEC amongst others. The main functions of Security Onion are capturing packets, analysis tools, and NIDS and HIDS. Full Packet Captures are done via netsniff-ng – it captures all the network traffic that passes through the sensors and subsequently stores them. Analysis tools such as sguil, OSSEC, Bro, and others help the analyst understand the data. NIDS and HIDS these inspect the systems or the network traffic, and log and alert any suspicious activity. An Intrusion Detection System is a piece of software or hardware security management for computers and networks. An IDS will scan the networks traffic (inbound and outbound), gather information, analyse the information, and alarm the system of any vulnerabilities or attacks. NIDS, HIDS, and WIDPS are all types of Intrusion Detection Systems. Network Intrusion Detection Systems can be hardware or software. It is place directly on a network segment and protects all systems attached to the network. Any data that flows through the protected segment, or the rest of the network, must pass through the IDS; if an…

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  • Captive Meerkats Essay

    Sentry behaviour in captive meerkats (Suricata suricatta) Amy Spies 746773 Abstract Sentry duty is an important social behaviour in which guards scan the surrounding area for potential threats. In species such as meerkats, this behaviour is so instinctive that they continue to perform it even in captivity. The aim of this study was to establish an understanding of the sentry behaviour in captive meerkats. This was done by observing meerkats in the Johannesburg Zoo and…

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