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  • How Does Globalization Affect Global Trade

    because of Old World diseases. The large jungle areas remained lightly inhabited with no interest to the European colonies. As early as the 1620s, escaped slaves would take refuge here and began forming colonies and coastal plantations. The two largest of these groups were the Saramaka and the Djuka. These African communities would raid the coastal plantations and free other slaves to join them. This created problems with the Dutch. The dutch finally formally recognized their independence under the condition that they no longer allow slaves to take refuge with them. Eventually, in 1975, Suriname because an independent country and in 1986, fights broke out between the government troops and the maroon tribes. Eventually the government began logging the tribal areas, and the American Court of Human Rights said they have the same legal status as “indigenous people.” However, the Suriname government has ignored this…

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  • Suriname Research Paper

    What are the major ethnic groups in Suriname? The largest ethnic group in Suriname is Hindustani, which is an immigrant from India who migrated north in the 19th century. The number of Hindustani as much as 37% of the population, the second largest ethnic group in the country namely Creole community (31%), then Java (15%), Maroon (10%), and Amerindian (2%). What is the official language of Suriname? The official language of Suriname is the Netherlands, Suriname is the only country in the area…

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  • Creole Modernity In Suriname Analysis

    In Caribbean Literature and the Environment: Between Nature and Culture “Landscapes, Narratives, and Tropical Nature: Creole Modernity in Suriname” by Ineke Phaf-Rheinberger she discusses topics such as: Elisabeth Samson, Wilhelmina Rijurg (Maxi Linder), kankantri, polyphony, and polysemy. The conflict is present in Creole modernity in Suriname and tropical nature, because of the narratives that Cynthia McLeod, Clark Accord, and Astrid Roemer present. Elisabeth Samson is an African American…

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  • Rachel Ritfeld Research Paper

    ABOUT Rachel Ritfeld is born in Suriname, South America and is of mixed Indian and Black Caribbean heritage. She moved to Belgium at age 10 with her mother who worked for the Surinamese Embassy in Brussels. It was here, that Rachel was scouted on the streets of Brussels by a model scout who signed her at age 15. Rachel was instantly in love with the catwalk. Keen to get an education, she moved to Brighton in England at age 17 to go to University where she majored in Social Anthropology at the…

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  • Kinship Assignment

    were very dedicated to their faith. They decided that they wanted to dedicate their lives to the mission field and all the lives that she was trying to lead to Christ. My mom has been everywhere from Africa to South America to several parts of Asia. When she was 23 she moved to Suriname, South America with my father and one year old sister. She came with a Christian organization called ICLC whose mission is to go and spread the word of god to anyone and everyone that would listen. The stories…

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  • Deforestation In Brazil Essay

    bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast. Both the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn run through the country of Brazil making Brazil in the northern, southern, and western hemispheres. Brazil has a humid tropical and subtropical climate. The country is very hot and dry considering it’s on the equator. The Amazon River flows right through Brazil and happens to be the most biological diverse place in the world. The Brazilian Highlands covers mostly the eastern and southern Brazil.…

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  • Primate Research Paper

    The second primate I saw was the White-Faced Sakis are known as (Cebus capucinus) they are shy in the wild, opposite of the Orangutan.They are diurnal (active during the day) and arboreal (tree living). I saw three White-Faced Sakis when I went to the Como Zoo. It was hard for me to tell how old or young they were, beside being small you can tell if they were babies but it was hard because their face looks swallowing. They have a great leaping ability and that’s how they got the nickname…

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  • What Is The Amazon Rainforest Essay

    That is the number of different Indigenous Amazonian Tribes in the rainforest. They are endangered too. The animals that die are their food source. When the animals that they eat die, they can’t hunt for that animal for food. When they can’t rely on those sources for food, they can suffer from hunger. People say that the Amazon rainforest is the Earth’s lungs. That is mainly true. In the article “The Amazon Rainforest” by: ReadWorks, it states that “The Amazon region, which stretches across the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Pirate Attacks

    UNCLOS does not contain a provision on capturing and punishing pirates. It gives states permission to do so under universal jurisdiction, but it does not provide guidelines for these states nor even a mandate that they must take action (Azubuike 2009). It does call for states to cooperate, but does not set down enforcement mechanisms (Dutton 2010). Nor does it authorize an international court to hear piracy cases (Noyes 1990–1991). Instead, states have to incorporate anti-piracy laws into their…

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  • Deforestation Of The Amazon Essay

    Deforestation of the Amazon The Amazon is a rainforest that covers a crazy 6.7 million km² of land which is 40% of South America. The Amazon is so large that it covers 9 countries; Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana! The Amazon Rainforest is a home to approximately 10 million species of animals, plants and insects. Deforestation has become a great issue with the Amazon Rainforest since 1978 and 750,000 km² have been destroyed. Although…

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