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  • Case Study: SFU Fashion Week

    Day #3: SFU Fashion Week Females and fashion were terms that practically go hand in hand. The practice of clothing consumption was typically regarded to being a female issue however in modern society, men in the fashion industry have become more widely accepted. Historically, men were known to be the producers to motivate women to consume (Blakewell, Mitchell, & Rothwell, 2006). At season three of SFU Fashion Week, while a majority of the guests attending were female, there were an ample amount of males attending and participating in the event as well. The runway show of SFU Fashion Week took place at the Segal Graduate School of Business at SFU’s Vancouver campus. SFU Fashion Week compares to Vancouver Fashion Week in ways that it parades…

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  • Blackness In Pop Culture

    We asked 13 voices in fashion, including stylists, designers, performers, and academics, to share their opinions on fashion’s appropriation of urban street style. What’s at stake when Miley kicks it in Jordans? When James Franco wears rows that riff on RiFF RAFF? When Brooke Candy is photographed by Terry Richardson with a gold tooth? When Hood By Air becomes a darling? Or when Rick Owens hires an American step team to model his Paris défilé? Should anybody be allowed to wear anything…

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  • Kimono Case Study

    kimono has been taking a part of the Japanese people of how to fashion themselves. In Edo era, there were various ways to wear kimono, which made the women in that era wear the kimono to next level of creativity. The creativity in wearing the kimono has to be worn according to the local art and culture, with the touch of elegant. Surprisingly, not only for women, men were also need to style themselves, where they were well-known for chic-gentlemen (History of Japanese Fashion, 2014). According…

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  • Men's Fashion Cloths Essay

    Men’s fashion cloths Fashion is basically the activity or business that involves styles of clothes and people’s appearance. For many years individuals have put some message in the kind of apparel they wore. Long prior individuals began needing to be observable from the "group" and be not the same as other individuals by method for changing their fashion sense. For this reason they attempted to separate there dressing sense from others. A few models of these "emerging" turned out to be…

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  • Rachel Ritfeld Research Paper

    catwalk. Keen to get an education, she moved to Brighton in England at age 17 to go to University where she majored in Social Anthropology at the University of Sussex. Throughout university she went up and down to London for model bookings but it wasn't until she graduated at age 20, that she decided to pursue a full time career in fashion and entertainment business. "After studying I just wanted to travel the world and then I booked a job in Jamaica,…

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  • Ethical Issues In Fast Fashion

    the fast fashion industry promotes a culture of obsolescence. Consumers are constantly purchasing and consequently disposing of unwanted textiles. Cline mentions that many “second-hand stores only have about three weeks to a month to sell most of their donated clothes” (Ethical Fashion pg 3). These stores are given too many donations that most of the time they aren’t able to sell the garments they receive. Imagine a neighborhood containing one hundred families. Suppose that each family had about…

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  • The Colour Of Beauty Film Analysis

    colours and cultures, there is a alarming lack of minority representation in the realm of entertainment and fashion. The individuals portrayed in media and fashion follow a Caucasian template that has become the norm, and they therefore seldom reflect the mosaic that makes up present-day society. However, this Caucasian template has become so ingrained in society that it has become the standard for beauty for all to strive for. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult for minorities to…

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  • Fast Fashion Essay

    What is fashion? Fashion is continuously changing throughout the years and it's not specifically based on the clothes people wear. Yoganarasimhan (2012) stated, "Fashion, as a phenomenon, is not confined to clothing or accessories. It also plays a prominent role in the success of other consciously consumed products such as electronic gadgets, furniture, and cars" (Yoganarasimhan, 2012, p. 75). This means society is buying products beyond their function and looking for a certain style that goes…

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  • H & M And Zara Analysis

    4.0 Product Moreover, product is a product assortment, which the total number of product lines that a company offers to customers. H&M and ZARA both is the fast fashion industry, the product line of H&M and ZARA is same, which selling styling men, women and kids clothing worldwide. Both of this two brands have a same type of product categories such as tops, shorts, jackets, shoes, underwear, accessories and many more. H&M clothes use own design and more for street fashion in tend to younger…

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  • The Importance Of Fashion Photography

    Fashion photography is a big deal in they world we live in. They definition of fashion is a popular trend. Fashion photography is one of the many types of photography in the world. Many things go into fashion and photography combined, for example in fashion you need fashion designers,sponsors, advertisement, models,etc, and in photography you need photographers, shoot site, creativity and need to talk to the fashion designer about their ideas. In todays society fashion photography influences…

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