Kinship Assignment

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Kinship Project
For my kinship assignment I decided to interview my mother Rebecca Andrews. She has done so many different things in her life and I decided she would be the perfect person to interview. Her parents are amazing people and raised her to the best of her ability. She grew up in a small town called Haleyville Oklahoma. This is the town she was born and raised. She grew up playing softball and cheering for her high school. She eventually went to cosmetology school where she became a very amazing hairdresser and still does it today. My mom has lived all over the globe and has seen and done so many different things in her life so far that I think will make for an interesting project. She has a very interesting take on life and experiences
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He was apparently a huge and very tough guy that no one ever messed with. He just turned out to be an abusive sexist asshole that didn’t know how to love a woman properly. He was apparently a good guy until he went to the military. My mom said when he came back that he was hardened and different than he was before. She said it changed him for the worse and she has no idea what happened, but whatever it was it messed him up for life. This is why she resents the military so much because he says, “The military changes people and there is nothing you can do about it. They make you no more than a disposable tool to be used whenever they like”. I can’t blame her for feeling this way after the way it effected her husband. He was a very jealous and angry man and would freak out and hit my mom for just about anything that set him off. He’s had her at gunpoint many times and has shoved a knife to here throat more times than she would like to count. She tried to leave him and start dating but every time that she did, he would threaten to kill whomever she was dating and they would always get scared and leave. She eventually got away from him after 6 months of constant abuse and fear. He later went on to have two cases of attempt at murder and be on Americas most wanted. He’s still serving his prison sentence, but he is to be released in a little more than a …show more content…
She has seen so much of the world and has three amazing children who all have or are going to D1 University’s and she has an amazing family and support system. She’s got an amazing husband now who loves and cares for her like she is the only woman in the world I think that my mother is a very strong, brave woman to have gone through some of the things that she has and still be the amazingly kind and heartwarming lady that she is today. I’ve never met anyone like my mother in my life and I truly believe that she is one of a kind. Even now when she talks about when people had done her wrong or the trials that she’s gone through she doesn’t get angry or mad she acts as if it is all in the past and is all forgiven. I look up to my mother because if nothing else she is a role model for me now. Her life has shown me exactly what happens when you go down the wrong path and that has helped me shape my path without having to have the bad experiences for

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