Ted Bundy: The Suve Serial Killer

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Ted Bundy: The Suave Serial Killer

Theodore Robert Conwell, more commonly known as Ted Bundy, was born on November 24, 1946 to Eleanor Louise Cowell in Burlington, Vermont. He was considered an illegitimate child because his mother was not married and didn’t even know for sure who the father was. Her parents were very religious and to prevent the social stigma of the bastard child, raised Ted as their own and told him that his mother was his sister. As a toddler, Ted was known to have an affinity for knives. His aunt Julia describes a time where she had “awoken from a nap to find that she’d been surrounded by knives from the kitchen and Ted was standing by the bed smiling.“(Rule 200) Which shows disturbed behavior as a small child. When
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His first attack being Joni Lenz, whom he attacked in her shared apartment. Lenz lived, but his future victims would not be so fortunate. Linda Ann Healy would be his first full fledged murder while he was at the young age of 27. Bundy was proved to have killed 36 women, but is suspected of more. His spree ran through several states, including Washington,Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and ending in Florida. He was an organized lust killer who targeted young brown haired women. As described in a paper by Ben Lawson, Kevin Lillard, Tim Mayer. It is suspected that he chose his women based on their similarity to his first love Stephanie Brooks as previously …show more content…
He was pulled over and in a search of his car the officer found a ski mask, a crowbar, an icepick, trashbags, and handcuffs. They were seen as burglary tools but they couldn’t pin him with anything. He later sold his car and when the car was impounded both fiber evidence and hair was found matching to several of his victims. This gave the police cause to put him in a line up for a girl whom he’d tried and failed to abduct. She positively identified him and he was put to trial. For that one attempted abduction, he was sentenced to one to fifteen years in jail. During a hearing, he chose to act as his own attorney and his shackles were removed, He then jumped from a second story window while concealed by a book case. After six days, he was found and put back in Jail. He escaped again after being put back in jail by sawing a hole in his cell wall and losing a significant weight to be able to maneuver through the hole. He fled across country and was eventually recaptured in

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