Personal Narrative: My Mother As An Immigrant Parent

Although my mother and I have had countless conversations about her previous life experiences, I was surprised at how much I did not know prior to this interview. I had never thought to ask her about what networks and resources she used to adjust to her new lifestyle in the United States. Our conversation made me realize the importance of friends, family and professionals to shape her as an immigrant parent. Growing up, she was not only a mother but a mentor to me—she supported me endlessly and helped me overcome my challenges as an adolescent. Her story begins with her life in South Korea. She was born in 1967, the fourth child out of five. My mother’s family was a typical, married-couple household—a product of the baby boom generation. …show more content…
She did her best to help us in all aspects. For example, my mother involved us in sports teams and church groups. Not only did she help us get into college, but she also fostered important values that she lived by. For her, it was crucial that we lived humbly, as resources were readily available to mold our potential. She is proud of the family that she created and established, despite the absence of a father figure for a chunk of time. Dr. David Olson’s Circumplex Model (1999) defines the three dimensions in which a family functions: family cohesion, adaptability, and communication (p. 2). She balanced her busy work schedule with family time, creating a separated and connected relationship. Despite the unavoidable roles she inherited as a single parent, my mother made decisions carefully and consulted family or friends whenever she needed help. Finally, my mother was effective in stating and enforcing rules, as well as allowing effective communication from her children. Throughout her entire life, my mother has dedicated herself to ensuring that her children had the best life possible. Although her experiences may not be classified as the traditional definition of the American dream, she is nonetheless thankful. Now, it’s my mother’s turn to pursue a new life dedicated to her own desires. Some of the goals she has for the future includes moving to the countryside, gardening, and playing the piano. In her 23 years living in the United States, my mother has not been able to return to her home in South Korea. She is now looking to visit her family and take care of her

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