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  • The Influence Of Zoos

    The zoo originated in ancient Rome and the rulers to collect around the exotic animals kept in the palace to enjoy, to highlight the wealth and status, then, the king of Egypt Ptolemy who built the first city planning of the zoo, with the progress of human civilization, in 1874 the Oxford English dictionary will be officially "Zoo" (Zoo) included in the lexicon. According to the World Zoo Association, more than 600 million people visit the zoo in the world every year. One of the ten people on earth will visit the zoo in a year. People can see wild animals with their own eyes, and directly feel their charm and majesty. People visit the zoo, share good outdoor leisure time with their family and friends, and everyone will receive science in the process of visiting. Zoos not only provide a good living environment for animals, but also provide medical help to animals in time. So people think that modern zoos are good for animals. However,…

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  • Zoo Controversy

    disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated. The topic I will be focusing on are zoos and whether or not some of them are actually beneficial to the animals that live there. Some people will argue and say zoos are a cruel form of entertainment for people dicised as a place made to shelter and help the animals. Others will say that the people who disagree with zoos are not properly educated about what some zoos really do and how they have changed. Some zoos are beneficial to the…

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  • The Benefits Of Zoos

    Zoos have been a popular destination for people for as long as they have existed. It is exciting to go see the animals. People can feel the joy of spending time with family and friends while also experiencing the closeness of wild animals. It can create quite a rush and bring excitement to those peering through the animal’s habitat. There are many things that bring people to the zoo and many good deeds done by the zoo. However, there are also major welfare issues that needed to be addressed as…

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  • Benefits Of Zoos

    Do the benefits of breeding programmes outweigh the horror of zoos? Zoos are everywhere. Most cities have zoos, where families, tourists etc can go and see a variety of animals. People love to go to the zoo to see the animals, but what about the animals? Does zoo life affect the health and well-being of the animals? Is extinction natural selection? Are animals bred in captivity able to be released into the wild and if not, what's the point in breeding them? These are the questions that need to…

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  • Cons Of Zoos

    Should zoos still exist? Many zoos have tried to say that they are devoted to wildlife conservation, public education, and animal well-being. Almost every zoo states that they make significant donations to conservation by participating in endangered species captive propagation plans and public education programming. However, in most of those zoos, several animals suffer lives of unhappiness and poverty. Animals can suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally. Light and sound also have negative…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Zoos

    human race. Over a time span of one hundred years, zoos have been a popular source of entertainment for interested human beings who are curious to learn about the various kinds of animals that the world holds. A certain question has been floating in the air for many years. “Are zoos cruel to wild animals?” The general public leans more on the cons then the pros for this particular subject, to the media, the zoo’s reoccurring mistakes that were the zoo’s fault, and past time stories of disastrous…

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  • Against Zoos Essay

    Have you ever been to a zoo? Zoos are very popular and everyone has been to at least one, at some point in their life. They are known for showing off the wild animals, and educating you on them at the same time. I don’t think zoos do very well with that. To me, a zoo is a large business that captures wild animals and changes their lives forever. They hold them in captivity and don’t treat them like the should, like wild animals. Many zoos are businesses and known for only caring about the money,…

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  • Importance Of Animals In Zoos

    ticket item in all zoos. Pandas bring prestige and fame to a zoo. What most people don’t know though, is that fame and prestige cost a lot of money. For each panda that a zoo has, it cost them one million dollars per year plus another six hundred thousand dollars every time a cub is born. On top of that, the money that the zoos make annually is not enough to cover the cost of the pandas (Washington Post 2). Pandas are not worth one million dollars a year, simply to look at. There are people in…

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  • The Benefits Of Animals In Zoos

    Zoos are places where animals are put on displays and where they have to live their entire life. People can visit zoos for money and watch animals like they are in some kind of television show or commercial program that is made for people only. People have to notice that we should not exhibit animals at zoos just for our entertainment. Animals in zoos should have the freedom they deserve and live in the wildlife where they belong. Zoos may be very necessary for endangered species. But, there…

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  • Negative Effects Of Zoos

    According to the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, there are over 10,000 zoos worldwide. It is amazing that there are so many organizations out there that are completely dedicated to the well-being of these incredible animals. Zoos are well loved by children and adults all over the world because of their exotic wildlife, but, in reality, zoos do much more than just take care of animals. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into these organizations, and they have become a…

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