Benefits Of Orthopedic Surgery

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Orthopedic Surgery averages more than 20 surgeries in a month (“Career”), which leads to the fact that orthopedic surgeons are in high demand. Orthopedic surgery looks like an interesting career, which I’d like to be in, in my future. A career in orthopedic surgery takes a lot of education and training, but has many benefits. There are many different kinds of surgeons in the United States. You have general surgeons, specialty interest surgeons, and specialists in the fields of surgery (“Sports Physicians”). Thirty-two percent of surgeons are general surgeons, who work on any part of the body (“Career”). Thirty-seven percent are specialty interest surgeons, who work on more specific types of the body (“Career”). Then 31% are specialists, which …show more content…
One advantage is working with children. You have to enjoy children, because most of the time you will see a child every day (“A day”). You could change their life and make them enjoy it. You deal with children all the time, but you’ve got to enjoy all of it. Another advantage this job has is getting to change a person’s life. No matter what kind of surgeon you are, you’re changing a person’s life (“A day”). You are always working with people and can perform surgery on them (“A day”). Even if the person is stubborn you can help them and lift their spirits. Orthopedic surgery has many disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is waking up early and going home late. Most orthopedic surgeons wake up at 6:00 am and go to work (“A day”). They leave work around 8:00 pm to go home, after a full day of surgery (“A day”). It can interfere with the family I may have. Another, disadvantage of orthopedic surgery is they are always on call. It would be hard to wake up at midnight, go to the hospital, and operate surgery. With being on call 24/7, it’ll be weird not knowing when you have to go to work (“A day”). It’ll take a lot of time to become an orthopedic surgeon, but it will all be worth it in the end. Orthopedic surgery has many advantages and disadvantages like any other job. You’ll have to be willing to help any kind of person. Also, realize that you can’t help everyone. An orthopedic surgeon averages more than 80 surgeries in a year

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