Orthopedic surgery

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  • Personal Narrative: How Emergency Surgery Changed My Life

    Somethings are a blessing in disguise, and it took me awhile to realize that my six year old brother needing emergency surgery on his appendix brought my family closer together. I remember coming home from school on a wednesday night mad at my mom for not letting me go and get chinese with my friends after school. She told me that I needed to come home right after school. I had seriously considered going anyways. My mom has a part time job so I knew she would be home around four, leaving me…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Physician Assistant

    working closely with the nurses and observing countless surgeries. During my time, I learned that a lot of facets of surgery-for instance observing an open body cavity- do not phase me: I tend to lean in to get a closer look rather than shy away. However, in the middle of my second week, I learned that this indifference to the gruesomeness of surgery may not always be a strength. This realization came during the first amputation I observed. The surgery began as every other I had seen where the…

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  • Gastroparesis Study

    the other two common diabetic and prior surgery involved with the vagus nerve. In general, gastroparesis doesn 't cure the condition.…

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  • Procedural Errors In Patient Care Malpractice

    Observation of past and current patient safety trends in the U.S. Health industry, it becomes apparent that a multitude of procedural errors which often lead to patient malpractice. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the various aspects into the causes of procedural errors and patient care malpractice. By analyzing this data, management may utilize the information in establishing patient safety initiatives for their respective establishment. In addition, by increasing public awareness of…

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  • Essay On Why I Want To Become Anesthesiologist

    I am a third-LJear Đollege studeŶt. With the edžĐeptioŶ to oŶe seŵester, I have ďeeŶ oŶ the DeaŶ List or HoŶor’s List at CSUDH since Fall 2013. My grades are an achievement; I work very hard to keep them up and maintain my G.P.A. I have high expectations for myself in my life and career, so I am doing everything possible to perform my best and to reach that position. My ultimate career aspirations would be either an anesthesiologist or a trauma surgeon. To me the anesthesiologist brings people…

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  • Risk Management In Health Care Essay

    Evaluation by an anesthetist ought to be attempted before surgery and this assessment will occur after admission to hospital and wherever conceivable it ought to be done by the anesthetist who will really be giving the anesthetic.…

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  • Interventional Radiology: A Case Study

    What is your experience with and opinion about Interventional radiology? Carefully looking within all of Chapter 1, can you tell us where the cat is? According to the British Society of Interventional Radiology (n.d.), Interventional Radiology is a novel field of medicine that combines the expertise of a radiologist together with the knowledge of therapeutic intervention using advanced techniques using a range of imaging guidance modalities such as X-ray fluoroscopy, ultrasound, computed…

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  • 2.4 Medical Science

    knowledge base has since been grown to a full-blown sanatorium. A brief history of medical science on time-line would throw some light on the medical milestones as well as on the mysteries of the human body: 2750 BC – In Egypt, the earliest known surgery 2600 BC – In Egypt, Imhotep describes diagnosis and treatment of 200 diseases 2596 BC – In China, Huangdi Neijing an ancient Chinese medical text that is still followed today 1500 BC – In Greece, Saffron was used as a…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As An Animal

    It was at a small clinic that didn’t see many animals, but this is where I saw my first surgery, a routine neuter. What I remember most is the excitement I felt and when the doctor had finished he told me the surgery was so simple a monkey could do it. All I wanted was to be that monkey. Not long after, I began volunteering at a small zoo. This allowed me to get close to exotics and to care for them…

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  • Daundre Barnaby, A Character Analysis

    On March 27, 2015, Facebook and Twitter were inundated with the message “Daundre Barnaby, An Olympic Sprinter from Weaver, Drowns.” When I first read this message, I was heart-broken. I desperately wanted it to be a mistake. As the story continued, Daundre, my dear friend, was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and was swept out to sea by a strong current. Overcome by grief, my emotions were out of control! I was consumed with anger, frustration, and remorse, and at that moment, I knew that my…

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