Personal Narrative: A Career As An Anesthesiologist

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Every since we were young, we were repeatedly told “ Work hard and get a good education and you will have a really successful and happy life”, while this is not true for all situations, it is most definitely true for working as an anesthesiologist. The practice of anesthesia is a very demanding, intense, independant job in which the anesthesiologist administers drugs to the surgical patient to keep them safe and pain free throughout the procedure. May it be from problems with the brain to just pain management, anesthesiologist are educated on many types of drugs that can perform amazing things. Anesthesiologists have to be on the top of their game all of the time, if you patient starts to experience difficulties during surgery, the anesthesiologist must be prepared for all possible difficulties and be ready to assess the situation and do whatever is needed to save the patient. Although Anesthesiology is …show more content…
Job openings in American are supposed to increase by 27% in the future (“Anesthesiologist”). This is a pretty promising outlook for the future but you can never rely and trust too much on statistics and probability. There are a total of 34,230 Anesthesiologists currently employed around the USA (“Anesthesiologist”, 134). As with every other job, being an Anesthesiologist also has its pros and cons. Some of the positives about the job are that you are able to see you patients respond well to treatment, have a extremely high pay, and are really well respected. Some cons to the job are that there is tremendous stress, you may have to work on weekends or holidays, education never ends, and you may have to be on call. Theres are just some of the pros and cons to a career that is constantly changing that will be around for years to come. Anesthesiology is a career that I believe will be around for years and years to come because as long as there is humans, people will have pain and will get

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