Summary: A Career As An Anesthesiologist

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1Have you ever been in the hospital and you are in a lot of pain, wishing the pain would go away? Well, that is the job for anesthesiologists. They give medicine to either put people sleep or make the pain go away. I would like to become an anesthesiologist because I enjoy helping people and anesthesiologist help people every day. Anesthesiologists have an important job. They have to be concentrated all the time because if they are not, they can cause someone to lose their life or become even more ill. 3There is a lot of responsibilities in this occupation. You have to know specific amounts of medicine to give patients, you have to know what medications do what, you have to know how the patient will react to the medicine or if they are allergic to it. Anesthesiologists have to pay attention to what they are doing because the outcome of not paying attention could be very bad. 10To become anesthesiologists, you have to know how to communicate. If you can’t communicate with others then this occupation is not meant for you. In pretty much every career you have to have the ability to communicate. You also need to …show more content…
Pain-management specialists have the power to help people with extreme pains to get back on their feet and go back to living their life pain free ( 14The average salary for an anesthesiologist is $431,980 per year. The expected lifetime earnings for anesthesiologist are $15,088,000. “If you’re in general practice anesthesiology, you’ll make around $200,000 minimum, to around $450,000 maximum ( The limiting factors of anesthesiology would be if you mistakenly give someone to much, not enough, or even the wrong medication, it’s all on you. Another limiting factor of becoming an anesthesiologist would be never being home and spending time with your family. There are many good things about this occupation but there are also some bad things about

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