A Career As An Anesthesiologist

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Carlie Fleming
Mrs. Stanley
English 12
27 October 2016
An Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists are physicians who administer and determine what type of anesthetic treatment is to be used for the patient prior to surgery, as well as positioning the patient on the operating table in a manner that will be helpful to the surgery. Following strict medical guidelines, the anesthesiologist takes into account the patient’s current health, any medications they are taking, and the type of surgery that is being performed. While the surgery is taking place, the anesthesiologist monitors the patient’s critical life functions to make sure no complications arise. After the surgery is over, the patient’s well-being has to be monitored as the anesthetic wears
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Prospective anesthesiologists must complete a four-year bachelor’s degree before attending medical school. After the bachelor’s degree, an anesthesiologist needs a professional degree as an M.D., doctor of medicine, or D.O., doctor of osteopathy (Anesthesiologist). After the medical degree, anesthesiologists must complete a residency in anesthesiology to become specialists. Anesthesiologists generally complete a one-year general internship along with three additional years as residents in anesthesiology …show more content…
Anesthesiologist may also work additional hours voluntarily in order to collect more overtime and pay or to accumulate more vacation/sick time of the health care organization they work for allows nurses to earn additional days based on hours worked.

DANGER Anesthesiologists play an important role in the medical profession, as they control the amount of drugs used to render a patient unconscious prior to surgery, allowing doctors to work on and inside a patient without him feeling any pain. However, like all medical jobs revolving around the act of surgery, the anesthesiologist profession has many risks associated with it.
For example, awake patients, too much anesthesia, and illness (Carter). There have been multiple recorded cases of patients being awake and aware of their surgery while doctors are operating on them. Sometimes, patients can have “too much” and it can affect their bodies in many ways. Anesthesiologists also work in a hospital, therefore they are introduced to all the sicknesses that enter the hospital

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