Orthopedic surgery

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  • Daundre Barnaby, A Character Analysis

    On March 27, 2015, Facebook and Twitter were inundated with the message “Daundre Barnaby, An Olympic Sprinter from Weaver, Drowns.” When I first read this message, I was heart-broken. I desperately wanted it to be a mistake. As the story continued, Daundre, my dear friend, was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and was swept out to sea by a strong current. Overcome by grief, my emotions were out of control! I was consumed with anger, frustration, and remorse, and at that moment, I knew that my…

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  • The Influence Of Geography On My Family

    I was diagnosed with a very rare type of soft tissue sarcoma (cancer) on my head in Nov. 2011 at the age of 15. I had two major scalp surgeries to remove the cancer itself in January and February 2012, along with two other surgeries to reconstruct my scalp in summer 2014. My parents and I were scared, but we knew that we were in the knowledgeable hands of surgeons at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. My parents and I were completely shocked when we found out I had cancer. We were all in denial for…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Surgeon

    that, however, at that point in time I had yet to figure out what it was in the health field I wanted to do. Unfortunately, around this time my father suffered a heart attack, after a long and successful surgery my father was returned to my family alive and as well as one could be after surgery. This is when I realized what I wanted to do, I wanted to help people like my father, I wanted to become a surgeon and help people in the most amazing way possible. My Kuder assessment shows that…

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  • My Chihu The Greatest Tragedy Of My Life

    My first year of college, I experienced the greatest tragedy of my life. Some may say she was just a dog, but to me, she was my best friend. My Chihuahua, Tiny. I received this dog as a gift on my second birthday. At which point, she would fit in my father’s work pocket and pester me throughout her “puppy stage.” Over the years, Tiny grew into a best friend, more so than a pet. However, much of this changed when we found out she had a fatty benign tumor. 1.) At the age of 13 in 2013,…

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  • Lung Cancer: A Case Study

    type and staging of the actual cancer. Typically, a thoracic surgeon is consulted to evaluate a patient with this form of diagnosis. Different forms of surgical interventions are available depending on the clinical presentation of the tumor. If surgery is warranted, the goal is to remove the tumor and surrounding tissue if affected by cancer. Surgical options available to aid in eradicating lung cancer include a lobectomy, wedge resection and pneumonectomy. A lobectomy is a surgical…

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  • Anaesthesia Effect

    to put the animal under. If there is no response, the animal is ready for surgery. Approximately 3-5 rats would be necessary to set aside from experimental testing in order to practice handling and performing the surgical incision necessary for proper exposure of the heart. Approximately 20-30 rats will be utilized in experimental testing of the ability of…

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  • Dentists: A Career As A Plastic Surgeon

    to get along with and talk to. On the other hand, I do not imagine myself as a plastic surgeon because even though they make a ton of money, I do not think that I could perform a tummy tuck or a butt lift without being nauseous. Not only do the surgeries make me nauseous, but to become a dentist it requires less schooling and training than a surgeon. Correspondingly, becoming a dentist at Wake Forest is most likely better than becoming a dentist at Villanova because of the fact that North…

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  • Character Analysis: The Good Doctor

    The Good Doctor: Episodes 1-4 The Good Doctor television show focuses on a surgical resident, Shaun Murphy, who has autism and savant syndrome. It takes place in San Jose, California. Shaun is described as having near-photographic recall and the ability to note extreme details and changes. The first episode started off with a medical emergency with an airport sign injuring a child’s neck. With his medical background, Shaun was able to stabilize the child. The doctors initially refused to listen…

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  • Reflection On Returning To School After All These Years

    Returning to School After All These Years. It was Friday morning and once again I was on the floor trying to place and IV catheter. This time it was on Tank, a 95-pound American bulldog in need of surgery. That is when I realized it was getting tougher to crawl around on the floor, restrain and lift my patients. Nonetheless, I would never be content if I had to stop working with animals. That was when my office manager walked in to ask me if I needed help. At that moment I knew I wanted her job…

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  • Medical Imaging Essay

    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Medical imaging is define as a techniques and processes used to produce the images of the entire or parts of the human body includes normal anatomy and physiology for clinical purposes. It includes a variety of modalities that gives focus to the needs of the patients. Among this are Ultrasonography (USG), Computed Tomography (CT), Computed Radiography (CR), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Dental Imaging,…

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