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  • Essay On Apollo 11 Hoax

    the Apollo 11 landed successfully on the moon and Neil Armstrong officially became the first man ever to step onto the celestial body. It was a moment of great victory for the U.S. It was a moment which would be remembered in scientific history for a long time: but is it remembered for the right reasons? There are many people that believe that the landing of 1969 was a hoax. They believe that it was filmed in a studio somewhere within Area 51 and was just a desperate attempt to beat the Russians who were also planning to send a man to land on this heavenly body orbiting the earth. It was just a desperate attempt to win the space race. The first piece of evidence which suggests the Apollo 11 landing was faked is the flag. When astronaut Buzz Aldrin was putting the American flag on the moon, the flag was rippling as if it was blowing in the wind. This should be impossible since space is a vacuum and there are no particles which would be able to create this wind therefore this must have been filmed on earth where wind is very common. NASA says that the rippling of the flag is due to the twisting of the pole to get the flag into the ground and that the wire in the top of the material which is to help the flag stand upright instead of drooping like it would if there is no wind is the reason it is rippling, but this wire should in fact be strong enough to hold the material of the flag steady so that it doesn’t wave about as if it were blowing in the wind. In the videos and…

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  • The Evolution Of Intelligence And The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

    (Anandan, 2015). The use of robotics completely taking over a surgery is far in the future. The human touch is still the best and safest way to perform surgeries and hospitals are not ready to relinquish full control to a robot just yet (Anandan, 2015). Robots in Space Robotic explorers have been exploring mars for several decades now. Robots and rovers landed on Mars in 1997 and have been collecting data and specimens from a planet deemed lifeless for many years. The planet Mars was once…

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  • 2001 Space Odyssey Analysis

    One day, David Bowie watched “2001: A Space Odyssey” while stoned, and was inspired to write a song titled “ Space Oddity,” a song about an astronaut named Major Tom who is lost in space. The song was released days before the first moon landing and became an instant hit. Even though he got recognition for that song, David Bowie set out to have his named recognized. Bowie took inspirations from Iggy Pop and Lou Reed and would incorporate it onto his own image. In an interview he stated that he…

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  • Movie Analysis: The Lucifer Effect

    Because Andy is moving, his mom schedules his birthday party a week earlier than originally planned so this catches the toys off guard. Andy gets a new toy named Buzz Lightyear, and Buzz is a really cool toy that every kid wants. Andy starts to like Buzz more than Woody so Woody becomes very jealous. Buzz thinks that he is an actual space ranger and not just a toy so Woody spends most of the movie trying to get Buzz to realize he has no powers and he is just a child’s toy. Eventually Buzz…

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  • Timeless Themes In Ebenezer Scrooge's A Christmas Carol

    Trends, ideas, and perspectives come and go, but timeless themes are evident throughout time, forever youthful, yet old at the same time. Timeless themes are eternally relevant concepts in classic and contemporary literature that can be connected by everyone, regardless of their age, their lifestyle, or their time period. The theme on the importance of others occurs repeatedly over time in thousands of different kinds of literature. Especially now with the our world brimming with superficial…

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  • Leadership In Toy Story

    above and beyond of what they must accomplish. They find the best solutions to solve any situation and figure out what is best for everyone. They motivate employees to strive to do better and push them to become a strong individual. Leadership plays an important role in every organization and it also played an important role in Toy Story. This movie is about Woody who is the leader of the toys and is Andy’s best friend. When Andy receives a new toy for his birthday which is Buzz Lightyear he…

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  • A Better Tomorrow Film Analysis

    animation. However, it’s brilliant character development is often overlooked. Throughout the course of the film, the audience witnesses a change within the two leads, Woody and Buzz. The movie starts out with a sequence featuring Andy (the toy’s owner) enjoying his toys and playing with Woody who is obviously is favorite. This is demonstrated by a center close up of Woody’s face. Later, when Buzz is introduced there is a slow pan that finishes with a center close up accompanied by an impressive…

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  • Apollo 11 Pros And Cons

    In the late 1950’s the United States was in the middle of an arms and intelligence race with the Soviet Union. Part of this intelligence race was over who had supremacy in space. The Soviet Union was the front-runner in 1957 when they launched the first man made satellite into space that orbited the Earth (Miller 16). The following year Kim Mcquaid says NASA was created to develop the United States’ non-military space effort (Mcquaid). On May 25, 1961 President John F. Kennedy set a goal for…

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  • Gemini XII

    information about Buzz Aldrin. As a group, we decided to pick one of the missions he participated in. Our group decided against the Apollo 11 mission because it’s a very well-known mission, so the other mission he participated in was the Gemini XII mission. We didn’t want the risk of someone having the same topic as us, so we chose something not as popular and well-known. We began our research process by becoming more familiar with the facts of the Gemini XII mission. With the help from the…

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  • Apollo 11 Challenges

    They had all flown in previous missions to explore. Each of them had flown in one of the Gemini explorations. Neil Armstrong flew on the Gemini 8 mission as the command pilot ( “Neil”). Buzz Aldrin flew in Gemini 12. Aldrin also was backup crew for the Apollo 8 mission ( “Buzz”). Michael Collins wasn’t left out of flying on a Gemini mission; he flew in the Gemini 10 mission. During this mission, he performed a spacewalk and proved that he was a great explorer…

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