C-reactive protein

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  • Common Causes Of Inflammation

    eczema (redness) Allergies (respiratory symptoms, hives) More subtle, early indicators of problems could include headaches, muscles aches, fatigue, muscle stiffness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, gas, abdominal discomfort and even emotional problems including depression. These could be related to food sensitivities and intolerances. The most common food intolerances include dairy (lactose), wheat (gluten), yeast, soy, corn, eggs and even some artificial sweeteners. How can you know if you have chronic inflammation if you don't have symptoms or a diagnosis? You can find out if you have inflammation by having your C- reactive protein levels tested. The high sensitivity C-reactive protein, is the preferred indicator of chronic, low-grade inflammation. What should I do if I have high levels of C-reactive protein? If your C-reactive protein levels are high, you will first want to talk to your doctor to find out if there is an underlying infection, allergy, autoimmune disorder or other contributing disease. If not, your excess weight could be the cause and weight loss is your best line of defense. If you are a smoker, that could also be contributing to the problem. How do foods influence inflammation? Inflammation can also be influenced by the foods you eat. Research has shown that certain foods trigger inflammation and others suppress it. Some of the foods that are pro-inflammatory include: Animal fats (corn-fed beef, dark meat and skin of poultry, pork, duck…

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  • Chronic Periodontitis Case Study

    Chronic periodontitis is a complex disease caused by microorganism. recent studies showed the effect of periodontal diseases on the systemic health conditions like cardiovascular disease (CVD). C reactive protein (CRP) is an acute phase reactant which used as marker for monitoring of periodontal diseases and systemic health problems. Body mass index (BMI) on the other hand has a relationship with the level of CRP and severity of periodontal diseases as well as systemic health. 1.1. INTRODUCTION …

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  • How Does Bullying Affect The Wellbeing

    higher risk for internalizing problems, in particular, diagnoses of anxiety, depression in young and middle adulthood (18-56).” Because of the torment that they went through during their teens when victims are older the way they respond to stress, problems or any threatening situations their cognitive reaction is altered. Bullying victims have an increased risk of mental and overall health because they are emotionally and physically scarred. They also display anti-social behavior and tend to not…

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  • Cp Essay

    and Francis, 1930), a name that reflects its reaction with the C-polysaccharide of Pneumococcus. This pentameric protein with MW 118 kDa has five non-covalently bonded and non-glycosylated identical subunits of 206 amino acids each to form a disk-shaped pentagon (Fig. 1). CRP has been proven as an early indicator of infectious or inflammatory conditions as well as a universal biomarker for a wide range of diseases and disorders. As such diseases often commence at very low CRP levels, nM or even…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Paxillin

    lamellipodia. What scientist don’t know is exactly how paxillin effects different functions in a cell. In order to solve this mystery, Cress, et al. wanted to take the research further and determine the role that paxillin played in lamellipodia formation, and how paxillin affected the barrier that surrounds a cell. This would be a step toward finding out how much of an effect that proteins have in the restoration of the outer barrier of a cell. If scientist could figure this out, another step…

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  • Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1: An Experimental Study

    Inhibitor-1(PAI-1)4G/5G polymorphism with oxidative stress markers Malondialdehyde (MDA) and High sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), fibrinolysis marker PAI-1and lipid profiles. Subject and Methods: Blood was drawn and DNA extracted from 90 subjects (46 cases and 44 controls). The 4G/5G polymorphism of PAI-1 was amplified using specific primers. Amplified products were visualized by staining with Ethidium bromide after electrophoresis in agarose. Risk factors PAI-1, MDA, hs-CRP and lipid…

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  • Comparison Of Parthenolide And STAT

    deregulation of positive effectors of STATs activation, such as upstream tyrosine kinases (JAK, TYK), or repression of negative regulators of STATs phosphorylation, e.g. phosphatases, suppressors of cytokine signaling or protein inhibitors of activated STATs [47, 48].…

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  • The Effects Of Lead In The Body

    tissues rather than bone tissue making them more prone to toxic effects of ingestion of lead. Pregnant women are also at risk of exposing the fetus to ingested lead as it can pass easily through the placenta. The effects of lead exposure to a developing fetus is sometimes not observed until later developmental stages. As previously mentioned, leads mechanism of toxicity is heavily reliant on its ability to cause oxidative stress in the body. It does this by binding to Glutathione which is used…

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  • Maillard Reaction Lab Report

    The lab we conducted involved a process called the Maillard Reaction. When it comes to cooking meats, heating the food causes the proteins, especially those nearest the surface of the meat, to denature. These denatured proteins become more chemically reactive to other molecules in their environment. One of the primary reactions that occur when browning meats and many other foods is called the Maillard Reaction. The Maillard Reaction is a non-enzymatic chemical reaction between amino acids and…

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  • Enzymes And Endothermic Reaction

    1.5. Enzyme-Polysaccharide Interactions Proteins and enzymes have become an integral part of many industrial processes as well as being applied both in cosmetics and in therapeutics. Due to advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering, mass production of protein and enzymes has become feasible. Use of enzymes is environmentally friendly as they catalyse reactions under mild conditions against polluting inorganic catalysts which works in the extremes of pH and temperature. However, this can…

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