Orthopedic surgery

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  • Importance Of Facelift Surgery

    Under mentioned factors are necessary to consider a patient suitable for a facelift surgery. Skin elasticity: A candidate who is considered good for a facelift surgery procedure has as flexible skin which is a good thing to consider before a facelift. During the facelift surgery procedure, the surgeon tightens the facial skin and performs multiple procedures. This includes procedures like chin facelift, nose facelift etc to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Strong bone structure: Ideally, a…

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  • Stethoscope Research Paper

    Stethoscope You see almost every doctors have a thing wrapped around their neck. It’s a medical invention with the shape of an Y. An invention invented by a french physicians named René Lannec. He named the invention stethoscope. It’s a Y- shaped flexible plastic tube with an earpiece attached on each end. The stethoscope is an acoustic medical device for listening to the heart and lung. The stethoscope is divided into two separate portions or different ways of using it : For listening to…

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  • Medication Errors While Staying In Hospitals

    before getting checked on or even going into surgery make sure that she tells the doctor her exact medicine or over the counter medicine that she takes on a daily basis. Sometime to make it easier patients can stick all the medication they are taking and put it in a bag and bring it with them to the hospital. Patients don 't want the doctor to mess up their medication or it could harm them. Make sure the patient ask questions after being treated or after surgery. If the patient is uncertain of…

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  • The Role Of Surgery In Gynecologic Oncology

    methods of surgery in gynecologic oncology is the Laparoscopy, a minimally invasive surgery technique. This method of surgery has many benefits, such as quicker recovery time, shorter hospital stay, less post-operative discomfort, and smaller scars (“What is Laparoscopic Surgery”). This surgery procedure is one of the safest for this type of oncology. While laparoscopy is one of the best surgical methods, it still has its limitations. These limitations can severely hinder surgeons during a…

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  • Antisepsis Case Studies

    of surgical site infections (SSIs) and death in his patients were reduced (Spruce, 2016). HE was also the first physician to publish an article related to antiseptic techniques; the article was titled On the Antiseptic Principle in the Practice of Surgery. Lister’s ideas were very slowly accepted by his peers but eventually became the basic foundation to what we know now is practiced as a part of routine surgical care (Spruce, 2016). After Lister’s work in the 1800s, studies on surgical…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Surgical Technology Programs In Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

    Training programs last nine to twenty-four months and lead to a certificate, diploma, or associates degree (www.bls.gov, par. 3). In college, students go through three semesters of surgical technologist courses. First semester required courses consist of: English Composition I, Fundamentals of Surgical Technology, Principles of Surgical Techniques, and Surgical Anatomy. Second semester contains classes like: Surgical Microbiology, Basic and Related Surgical Procedures, and Specialized Surgical…

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  • The Importance Of Stoma Care In Nursing

    After the surgery, a referral has been made to the stoma care nurse specialist. A referral system for members of the multidisciplinary team in the neonatal unit facilitates early contact with the clinical nurse specialist (Porter, 2014). It allows them to provide the family with education, support and an ongoing plan of care. Various changes and developments involving stoma care in nursing have occurred in the United Kingdom through the years. Black (2016) highlighted that stoma care on its own…

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  • PACU Nursing Case Study

    physical, and behavioral sciences and apply these sciences to specific patient problems. The nurses use their knowledge of the patient’s surgery and the physiology of the body, to assess the patient for potential complications. The nurse also uses her knowledge to place the patient in the proper position, to avoid complications. For example, a patient with any surgery to the spine or head, needs to be moved using the log roll method. This experience has also allowed me to witness how nurses…

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  • Kaya Case Study Of Kayaa

    Kaya offers skin care solutions - its technology led cosmetic dermatological services and products through 100+ clinics: 82 in India across 26 cities and 18 in the Middle East in addition to the 4 Derma Rx clinics and Medispas in Singapore and Malaysia. During Q3FY13, Kaya achieved a turnover of INR 78.5 crore (USD 14.5 million) registering a growth of about 5% over Q3FY12. The Kaya business in India and in the Middle East achieved same store sales growth of about 4% during Q3FY13 as compared…

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  • Perin V. Hayne Case Study

    district court system regarding the verdict of malpractice action was appealed to the supreme court of Iowa. The plaintiff, Ilene Perin underwent surgery to address an issue, but the attending physician performed a slightly different procedure then what was initially intended. Despite relieving the patient of her prior ailment, the outcome of the surgery resulted in the creation of another ailment. In attempt to describe what substantial difference encompasses in healthcare, several cases and…

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