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  • Professionalism: My First Term In Medical School

    Prior to starting medical school, I had only thought of being professional in vague terms: being courteous to others, setting a good example, etc. Now that I am approaching the completion of my first term in medical school, I can see that professionalism is much more than I had previously thought. Being a professional requires a continual hunger for knowledge, realizing one’s limits and weaknesses and working to improve them, accepting responsibility for one’s actions, working well with others as a leader and coworker, behaving ethically, respecting others, and having the ability to not only accept criticism, but also learn from it. As I am stepping into the role of a true professional, I feel that I am now able to identify and work on fine-tuning…

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  • Importance Of Medical Terminology

    Medical terminology is an extremely important aspect of the healthcare field. Medical terminology is considered the language of medicine. In order to help people, We have to know what the problem is, and help the medical professionals get their job done on a daily basis. Medical terms must be used correctly so we can get an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s medical condition. Medical terminology is a new language that is made up of a prefix, a root in the middle, and a suffix at the end; this…

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  • The Importance Of Medical Interpreting

    Second one is Telephonic medical interpreting which is most commonly used mode in most of the hospitals. The third one, videoconferencing medical interpreting is where the technology comes into picture as we have discussed that there are more than 200 languages spoken, it is not feasible to have 200 different medical interpreters. Hence, videoconference medical interpreter not only helps in conveying messages from the doctor to patient and vice versa but by this way it helps the interpreter to…

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  • Advantages Of Retrospective Diagnosis

    First, it involves assumptions of the three concepts stated earlier, semantic context, medical thinking, and biological constants. Semantic context and vocabulary are not exact, because modern medical terms don’t perfectly correlate with ancient medical terms, and even though some biological constants may stay the same from 2000 years ago, some bacteria and viruses have mutated. Plus, reading historical documents is not exactly a precise practice. There can be arguments over what the medical…

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  • Procedural Errors In Patient Care Malpractice

    Furthermore, patient safety care also extends into general practitioner clinics. Fortunately, there are a variation of strategies that can be employed to ensure patient safety practices are adhered to correctly. According to O 'Reilly, a panel of medical experts crafted a '955-page ' report for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (para. 2-3). The report details procedures that healthcare organizations may implement into their current procedures to ensure patient safety is…

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  • Gastroparesis Study

    In initial treatment, these consist of dietary modification, Medical therapy (prokinetic drug to promote gastric motility, anti-emetic duct to relieve symptoms) that effective for relief symptom in the…

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  • A Vulnerable Population

    Identification of Controversial Health-Related Issue Affecting a Vulnerable Population Across the United States, thousands of patients are diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a prognosis of less than six months to live. In 2015, it is projected by the American Cancer Society, that about 600,000 people will die from cancer (ACS, 2015). The term terminal illness refers to a disease, infection, or illness that is incurable resulting in death. Residents of California who are facing terminal…

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  • Efficient Coding And Billing System: A Case Study

    restoring health. Persons using home health care services provided by a home health care agency include the chronically ill and disabled of all ages, those recuperating from a hospitalization or acute illness, and the terminally ill” (CDC data). d. Long-term care-“ Long-term care (LTC) is defined as a continuum of medical and/or social services designed to help people who have disabilities or chronic care needs. LTC services include traditional medical services, social services, and housing.…

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  • Examples Of Awareness Of Safe Clinical Practice

    I provide information sheets and ensure patients have time to think about the decision. I have been asked at times to consent for complex surgeries, however given my little experience with such surgeries I often request my registrar to either educate me on the process or conduct the consent themselves. • Participating in the new medical evening handover session at AHC has been important in creating awareness of unwell patients that may require further attention, thereby having a plan in place…

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  • Volunteer Community

    work at the Women's and Children's Center (WCC) building in the Maternal Newborn unit on the 8th floor. This community has many responsibilities, goals, and shared ideas. The Volunteer Service Description document lists out all the tasks that a volunteer must perform in this community. Moreover, this document shows some of the responsibilities and objectives of this community. Everyone that is a part of this discourse community has this document and would use it to figure out what tasks they are…

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