Examples Of Awareness Of Safe Clinical Practice

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I have demonstrated an awareness of safe clinical practice within my own limitations and the environment in which I practice in the following ways:
• In Albany and Karratha you are given significant autonomy over your patients. I have become more comfortable with making decisions for my patients, however at the same time I understand when I require guidance. At these moments, I seek the expertise of my supervisor, the physician teams or place a call to specialties at tertiary centres. On ward cover, when there is an acutely deteriorating patient I have called a code blue when it is outside my capabilities but begin managing the patient from the basics of airway, breathing and circulation. I have transferred care of patients to tertiary centres
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I provide information sheets and ensure patients have time to think about the decision. I have been asked at times to consent for complex surgeries, however given my little experience with such surgeries I often request my registrar to either educate me on the process or conduct the consent themselves.
• Participating in the new medical evening handover session at AHC has been important in creating awareness of unwell patients that may require further attention, thereby having a plan in place in the event of acute deterioration.
• I regularly review a patient’s medications as it is crucial to patient safety. Ceasing medications that are unnecessary or incorrectly charted. Altering doses for therapeutic effect. Clear documentation of allergies, adverse reactions and changes with a reason, date and signature. Commencing new medication requires counselling. In one example at AHC, I have been able to cease long term anti-hypertensive agents for patients as they maintained adequate blood pressure control.
• I frequently date insertion of IV cannulas and replace cannulas when there are signs of infection. Other simple measures I employ include effective hand
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• I am mostly on time for my shifts and when I am significantly delayed I do notify my team. I have covered for others who have been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.
• Living close to most primary health service sites enables my prompt arrival for on-call shifts.
• I have always assisted other interns and residents with shift swaps. I have accepted all shifts swaps unless I have a justifiable reason not to do so e.g. working on that shift or attending a conference. I believe it is important to help colleagues with leave as it can be difficult to organise e.g. I took a shift to aid my colleague attending an expensive course for which they had already paid for but leave was not approved.
• When working in Karratha as RMO, I did travel to Roebourne District Hospital (40 minute drive) and Onslow District Hospital (3 hour drive) to meet my shift requirements.
• When I was working in Albany I worked extra hours to fulfil my roster requirements so that I could attend the Lightbox Radiology course in

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