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  • Patience In Galatians

    In fact, my initial desires are not what are always best for me. The Bible has so much to say about patience, but I find myself struggling to always apply patience. What does Biblical patience look like? The word patience used in Galatians 5:22, is the Greek word, makrothumia, which means “long-suffering or slowness in avenging wrongs.” Patience is even listed in the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). If patience is something that exemplifies qualities of the Spirit, then when we are impatient, we are truly living by the flesh. In fact, Galatians 5:16 tells us not to gratify the desires of the flesh. Biblical patience is forgiving others when they hurt you or being gentle towards other weaknesses and helping them. A practical implication of this may be a school teacher who is frustrated with a student who is having trouble following instructions in class. Initially, the teacher’s fleshly desires would be to blow up at the student. However, Biblical patience would be for the teacher to be slow to anger towards a student, when they least feel like it. I understand that this is easier said than done, but God is capable from changing our sinful reactions to one that honors…

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  • Chastity's Short Story: The Vietnam War

    Chastity laid the journal on her lap when she heard the tiny footsteps of her daughter, and then the screen door creak open. Patience was carrying her doll Sue by the arm, her light golden brown hair slightly ruffled from where she had slept on it. Wide eyed and grinning, she quickly ran over to the small table, and then dropped to her knees in front of the jar. “Mommy watch the roly-roly baby buggies?” asked Patience, as she brushed a few strands of hair from her face. “Yes, sweetie, I did,”…

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  • Challenges Of Istj In Nursing

    field of nursing, there will be several different challenges and obstacles ISTJs will have to go through. Some of these challenges include staying calm and patient, no matter how rigorous the situation may be. They will have to face these challenges by staying grounded, and always making reasonable decisions for themselves or others as they go into nursing. One challenge ISTJ has to overcome in order to be successful in nursing is patience. Having patience in the nursing field is very important…

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  • Internship Reflection Paper

    Throughout the first 7 weeks of the internship, I have discovered many different strengths. These include punctuality, willing and eagerness to learn, creativeness, initiative, and patience. Showing up for the internship not only on-time but early has allowed more preparation time for the treatment session that is to be completed during that day. With this extra preparation time, the day and sessions have been running smoother. Creativeness was a strength during the first 7 weeks of the…

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  • Narrative Essay On Patience

    Adaptability. Compassion. Patience. Three things I know a lot about. I was a skater and hockey player. I studied with a world champ skimboarder. I hiked, rock climbed, excelled in swimming and diving, and ran cross-country. I snowboarded on Mammoth Mountain. Everything was a great adventure for me and nothing seemed impossible…at least not until I was sixteen, when my life turned upside down. I just started high school, but was always exhausted. I woke up every day feeling like I had…

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  • Nursing Home Reflection

    This week was the first time I am debating whether I should be in the clinical or staying at home to study the exam that is coming up. I have been study so much for the exam and I felt like I still have tons of study to do. I have always looking forward to clinical, but this time I felt like if I don’t do well on my exam, I won’t become a nurse. That’s why I have this conflict in my mind. Despite what was on my mind the night before, I drag my tired body up in the early morning of clinical day…

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  • Reflection On The Delirium Prevention Program

    Not So Delirious The moment my volunteer supervisor assigned me to the Delirium Prevention Program I thought my semester was going to be filled with numerous encounters of elderly and crazy patients especially since being delirious being in an acutely disturbed state of mind resulting from illness or intoxication. This state of mind is characterized by restlessness, illusions, and incoherence of thought and speech. I hoped that volunteering would give me a chance to understand what the hospital…

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  • Reflection On The OHSU AYA Program

    I chose the practicum site, OHSU AYA program, in the beginning because I wanted experience working in a hospital. I felt that it was vital for me to practice my interaction patterns with hospital staff and patients. I chose to work with cancer patients specifically because they are very important to me. Having been a cancer patients I understood the need of these patients and wanted to give back. Also, I wanted to find out if this was the right population for me to work with. The age group this…

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  • The Importance Of Codes In A Hospital

    Codes allow a hospital to create a solid framework, which will ultimately provide safety for everyone inside the hospital. a. Procedures and codes ensure clear expectations on how to function in the hospital’s environment for all employees, patients, and visitors. i. Sometimes, clear expectations are not always clear for visitors, patients, and employees. ii. For example, if the expectations is said that all employees are not to use cell phones during work hours, but the employer did not…

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  • Minimizing Falls In The Hospital: A Case Study

    Strategies to Minimize Falls in the Hospital Fall in acute care setting is being an ongoing problem. Many people come to the hospital for one thing but ended up staying a lot longer than expected because of a preventable fall. Most insurance will not pay for other problems that the patient acquired while receiving care in a hospital. Therefore, the hospital has to spend thousands of dollars for fall related injuries. The fall prevention program has been used by many other hospitals throughout…

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