Primary Care Physician Essay

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As a primary care physician you treat all kinds of patients each and every day. Some of those patients are an absolute joy, and some are… rather challenging.
Here are the 10 most common types of patients and ways you can manage them effectively.
1. The Needy Patient
Not only do you need to treat their physical ailment, you need to treat their emotions with kid gloves. They are super apologetic when they come in to see you, expressing their knowledge that you have more important patients to see. Though it can get tiresome having to constantly address their meekness, simply explain to them that you care about all your patients equally and you are happy to be able to help them today.
2. The “I’m Seeking a Second Opinion” Patient
They have myriad symptoms and have seen not only their regular primary care physician but
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The Everything Hurts Patient
There are those patients who feel they won’t be taken seriously unless they present as VERY ill, so they will answer yes to all of your questions. “Yes” they have a headache and dizziness and nausea and chest pain and shortness of breath and abdominal tenderness.
While some illnesses do have multiple and serious symptoms, generally someone presenting with all of them at the same time would go immediately to the ER, not make an appointment a month in advance to see you. Your best course of action is to remain cool, calm and collected and let your patient know that with all of their symptoms you may have to order numerous tests which all costs quite a bit of money. Those who really have the symptoms won’t care about costs – they just want relief, while those who are perhaps… exaggerating, will suddenly remember that they really came in because of an earache.
No human being is perfect, obviously. And as doctors, you interact with just about every type of personality out there. At the end of the day all you can do is your absolutely best to treat them not only with the utmost medical attention but also with the utmost

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