Unit 4222-249 Principles Of Personal Hygiene

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Register to read the introduction… Speaking clearly and calmly, not making a big deal about it. If the individual way ill it would be up to the staff to attend the individual’s hygiene needs and assess what needs they have. The staff need to take into account the individuals preferences and culture. In this situation I must ensure I do not put my personal experiences on the individual and respect their decisions on how they wish to be cared for.
2:2 Describe how to make an individual aware of the effects of poor personal hygiene
I would look at the individual’s health and see if there was any reason other than poor hygiene that may explain things. I would speak with my colleagues and see what they thought but I would do this whilst maintaining confidentiality.
When assisting the individual with their personal care needs i would explain why it is important to wash and to put on clean clothes and how it prevents infections etc. I would do so in a calm sensitive manner, asking the individual for their opinion. I would take into account any personal reasons, culture and experiences the individual may have about personal hygiene and see if I could find a way that reduces the risk of infection without taking away the individual’s
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I assist individuals with their washing, showering, dressing, toileting and use aids and equipment. If I do not follow the policies and procedures put in place to minimise the risks I put myself and others in danger.
3:5 Describe how to reduce risks to own health
To minimise the risks to my health whilst supporting an individual it is important that I read the individual’s care plan so I am aware what I need to do. I need to read the individual’s risk assessments and their manual handling plan. It is important that the individual is happy to do the task and the environment is clear of any obstacles that may be dangerous or get in the way. I must use the PPE provided and the equipment like I was trained. It is important that I work in my sphere of competence and work safely. If I have any problems I speak to my manager.
3:6 Identify others that may be involved in supporting an individual to maintain personal hygiene
When an individual arrives at our organisation or goes from self caring to requiring assistance myself and my colleagues carry out a visual assessment on how much support the individual needs. We also obtain information from the individuals family, friends and other professionals involved. These can be social workers, GP’s, nurses, and occupational

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