Summary Of Nursing Care Of Patients With Parkinson 's Disease

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Summary of Nursing care of patients with Parkinson 's disease--a rehabilitative view

In order to help patients that present with Parkinson’s disease, a better understanding of what the disease can do to the body and mind is highly beneficial. The article written by by M. Coumarassamy and B. Saravanan titled “Nursing care of patients with Parkinson 's disease--a rehabilitative view”, did just such a thing for its reader. This article came from the Nursing Journal of India, Volume 93, Issue 11, pages 253-254 and was published in 2002.
The article gives descriptive terms and phrases about different aspects of Parkinison’s disease. Starting with a definition of the disease as being a neuro-psychiatric disorder that causes issues with movement in all sorts of different aspects with the body, the article then goes into some statistics about the disease. Some statistics include that both men and women are affected equally and that this disease occurs normally after the age of fifty. According to the article some main physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include have tremors in the limbs, a expressionless face, unclear speech, flexed posture, start moving, festination, stiffness of the limbs, hypokinesis, constipation, bladder dysfunction, mild orthostatic hypotension, and even impotence . Due to some of these physical limitations of the disease, care for such a patient may prove to be very challenging for a caregiver or healthcare professional. This…

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