K. M's Perspective In Health Care Case Study

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From K.M.’s Perspective
For K.M., growing up with a father who was suffering from a physically and mentally debilitating disease was difficult. During school, K.M. often felt nervous that other people would judge her father due to his uncontrollable symptoms. Almost four years later, after K.M. graduated from high school, she married L.M. During their wedding, R.M. had taken an extra dose of his Parkinson’s medication so that he could walk K.M. down the isle and be able to take part in the father-daughter dance. Although the medications had kept his symptoms under control for the wedding, the crash from taking the extra medication had made him feel very sick.
By the time K.M. and L.M. had their first child, R.M.’s Parkinson’s disease had significantly
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An interesting perspective was taken from Benzein, Johansson, Arestedt, and Saveman’s (2008) research article that stated that “if they became involved with families it would take too much time from their other tasks” (p. 164). After taking time to reflect on this quote, it really made me think how families are affected by a loved one’s hospitalization experience. In the case of R.M.’s health experience with Parkinson’s, involving the family and keeping them up to date with R.M.’s plan of care while in the hospital and in the long term care facility, was very important. It was important for the family’s peace of mind, and so they felt empowered and involved in his care. I have seen first hand, the positive impact family centered care has on patients and their families while in the hospital, and I truly feel as though this is an important part of nursing care, therefore I have incorporated this into my professional

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