Essay On Orthopedic Surgeons

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Currently I am in a group practice situation alongside four other orthopedic surgeons in our practice. I am a nonsurgical sports medicine physician by profession and trained in evaluation and management of musculoskeletal conditions using non-surgical modalities like exercise, physical therapy, using braces/splints, and injections. This model of sports medicine physician and orthopedics surgeon has mutual complementary benefit to each other’s specialty and it has been proven symbiotic in many areas of USA for past few decades. For sports medicine doctors like me, it provides opportunity to tailor your practice to musculoskeletal conditions and for orthopedic surgeons the advantage is you have physician in your office who evaluates the condition and filters surgical cases to them. This is how this symbiosis functions.

As far as our practice model goes, it is a traditional private/group practice office, which is being more and more difficult to
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Quality, for our clinic, means the best possible health outcomes given the available circumstances and resources, consistent with patient centered care. There are surgical outcome modules, which are filled by patients before the surgery and several post-operative visits where our surgeons voluntarily participate.

Knowingly and unknowingly, I think, this is the aim that we have always strived for as this really leads to sustainability of the practice. The adage “ill weeds grow apace” really applies to small rural area as any bad experience spread very quickly. Hence physicians are very mindful of avoiding any bad experience and strive for quality care given the repercussion it might have. Critically speaking, in rural private practice situation, I would say this effort to provide quality care happens to aligns perfectly with the first aim though the incentive to do so might be more to sustain the

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