Strengths And Weaknesses Of University Health System

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Strengths- University Health System, San Antonio, Texas, is the only hospital in San Antonio to have the Magnet health system status. Magnet status is a credential awarded by the American Nurses Association. It is awarded for the expertise in nursing staff in providing quality care. Apart from this UHS has Board certified emergency care physicians. Hence, it is evident from these strengths about why University Health system is reported as the best in San Antonio, and sixth best in Texas by the U.S. News & World Report.
Weakness- According to the employee reviews, there are comparatively low wages for the employees. This is leading to employee turnover. (“University health system reviews,” 2016)
Opportunities- University Health system has great
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These statements keep the organization focused on the organization 's goals and objectives.
Mission Statement – The mission of UHS is to provide and promote quality care to the to the inpatient and outpatients of the Bexar county, by teaching next generation of health professionals and by supporting research thereby advancing medical knowledge and improving medical care.
Vision Statement – UHS vision is to be the premier health system in South Texas, by providing high quality and patient-centered care based on the outcome based research and innovative teaching.
Triple Aim Plus (Bennett, 2015) – University Health System continues to be successful by implementing the following principles in the care giving.
• Improving quality, safety, and
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Values – The values The University Health system include working as a team to serve the patient as a first priority, to work fro the community, to do everything with respect, dignity, sensitivity and trust.
Strategy formulation
Strategy formulation is the process of developing the organizations best course of action/actions to achieve its goals and objectives thereby reaching the organizational vison. After conducting the external and internal environment analysis, as a CEO of UHS-I will formulate a framework to prepare the organization for the possible changes. I will set a meeting with Board of Directors and all the front line executives of all the departments and call for the need of adaptive strategies. With the help of the front line executives, I will form teams within each department, for example, public health team or the financial team and so on. I will explain the concerned issues with the respective departments. I will then let the team educate and train their staff and be prepared to face the

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