My Organization 's Quality Program Goals And Structure

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Quality improvement programs are put into place to ensure all employees are held accountable for their actions, integrating evidence-based practice into healthcare, and to continually improve care to countless populations (Huber, 2014). In this paper I 'm going to explain my organization 's quality program goals and structure. Next, I will describe how quality improvement projects are selected; I will also discuss the quality methodology, tools and techniques, and project management. Following this I will explain how nursing staff is trained in quality improvement process and how quality improvement activities and process is communicated to the nursing staff. I will clarify how the organization evaluates quality improvement activities for effectiveness and the process when the quality improvement activity is not effective. Lastly, I will rationalize two examples of effective quality improvement initiatives in the organization including the process, impact on patient outcomes and whether a change in practice occurred.
Organizational Quality Program, Goals, and Structure
Quality management system was implemented into my organization on September 1, 2005 and includes hospital-wide processes and organizational goals. The cabinet in management ensure that organization goals are determined with comported comprehensive averages and past performances. Measurable goals are relevant to the department, hospital-wide process and individual levels when appropriate. Some goals included

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